Power Pack 1 Training for OEM’s

Microsoft has added a Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 product support training course for free download (registration required) on their OEM Partner Center. The 1 hour course describes the changes introduced in WHS with PP1.

OEM PP1 Training



  • Installation through Windows Update
  • Manual installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fix for data corruption issue

Windows Home Server Client Connector

  • 64-bit connector for the Windows Vista operating system
  • Upgrading the Client Connector software
  • Video: Walk-through of the Client Connector upgrade
  • Video: Repeated prompts to upgrade Client Connector
  • Warning about mismatched time

Backup in Windows Home Server

  • Configuring a drive for Server Backup
  • Using the Server Backup function
  • Restoring data from a Server Backup
  • Waking the client computer from Sleep
  • Using the Backup Database Repair Wizard

Remote Access

  • Improvements to upload functionality
  • Download as self extracting .exe
  • Improvements to Remote Access diagnostics
  • New options for Remote Access permissions
  • Thumbnail view for photos

Updates Introduced Previously by QFE2

  • Remote access
  • Home computer backups
  • Fix for data corruption issue

More information is available from here.

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  1. Frank Goddard says:

    Why is this data not made available to the general user? The very items in the description are the questions being asked in the forums.

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