Add-In: WHS Backup Database-Backup

A new add-In called WHS Backup Database-Backup (WHSBDBB), allows you to backup the WHS Backup Database which stores all your client PC backups. This is a feature MS promised back at CES 2008 but unfortunately it did not make it to Power Pack 1 PP1. Author Alex Kuretz has basically automated the manual steps defined in the WHS Backup documentation.



  • Enable duplication for the WHS computer backup database
  • Enable duplication of Backups created by BDBB stored in Server Storage
  • Backup the WHS Backup Database to an Application Folder within the WHS
    server storage, a WHS Backup drive, or another drive connected to the server
  • Restore backups created by BDBB

Known Issues:

  • Canceling a backup can take a while (several minutes), as the copy of the
    current 4GB chunk must complete before the cancel can be completed.
  • Your server is under a heavy load during this process, and so may have
    decreased performance for streaming, slow Console response, etc.
  • While relatively simple in design and application, this software has not been
    tested very extensively, so please report bugs and feedback!
  • English is currently the only supported language, though this add-in should
    install and work correctly on non-English versions of WHS.

More information is available from MediaSmartServer.net

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  1. whs4eva says:

    backups of backups ftw. looks good.

  2. George Hawthorn says:

    G’day, Question rather than comment. Can the saved backup be recognised by a reloaded whs program. ie if I have a catastrophic failure on the server & need to reinstall, will the new install recognise & be able to use the backups from this add-in? regards, George

    • Sane Boy says:

      @George Hawthorn

      Absolutely. I’m in the middle of a rebuild to get AHCI working on my homebrew WHS box, and I’m doing exactly this. You reload the OS, reinstall the addin and restore your db.

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