Updating from Original HP Update to Latest 1.3

MediaSmartServer.net have got steps documented to help those folks that either inadvertently got the original (broken) HP 1.3 update, or manually installed it from the HP website. The steps require RDP access to the server, and are NOT HP supported.

  1. Download the new 1.3 update from here: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software10/COL22922/dv-60259-3/
  2. Remove the old 1.3 add-ins McAfee and PVConnect
  3. Uninstall old 1.3 update from Add/Remove programs on the server via RDP
  4. Install newly downloaded 1.3 update.

Note: If you were running 1.3 (pre-release) with the McAfee Add-In installed, you’ll also need to remove the McAfee folder from the c:\program files folder before you install 1.3 again. If you don’t, McAfee won’t install correctly, and you get some weird results.

Otherwise the alternative is to perform a Server Recovery.

Support is available in the MediaSmartServer.net forums.

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