Power Pack 1 RTM

Great news everybody, Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 (PP1) has been released to manufacturing (RTM). The English version is now available from Microsoft’s Download Center with it’s range of enhancements:

  • Support Windows Vista x64 editions
  • Backup of home server Shared Folders
  • Improvements to remote access
  • More efficient power consumption
  • Better performance
  • Fix for the data corruption bug (KB946676)

Windows Home Server OEM partners will be updating their systems with Power Pack 1 and HP will be releasing a software update for the HP MediaSmart Server, which will deliver enhanced media streaming capabilities from PacketVideo, server-side anti-virus from McAfee and compatibility with 64-bit home PCs.

  • German, Spanish and French language versions will be available on the Download Center soon
  • Windows Home Server customers who don’t download it from the Download Center will receive Power Pack 1 via Windows Update in August
  • Chinese and Japanese versions will RTM in August

A description of the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 update is available in KB944289, whilst English language release documentation is available in .doc format from here.

Download Power Pack 1 (PP1) from the Microsoft Download Center.

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  1. Todd says:

    After installing PP1, all the other PC clients no longer backup!
    What is going on? Am I needing to do something else here? And what’s worse, all the PC clients don’t connect or is that WHS doesn’t connect with the PC clients since PP1 was installed?


  2. David Robinson says:

    I just download the update – WHS-KB944289-v1-x86-ENU.exe and copied into the Software folder in Shared folders. I then double-clicked on the file, it extracted some files and then came up with a message “The version of Windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install”

  3. Jason says:

    After installing Power Pack 1 my server storage is showing:

    339 GB Data (probably about right)
    31GB System (when it is really just 7GB and the partition is 20GB)
    4.2 GB of PC Backups (although I have deleted all the PC backups so there should be none)

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to reclaim this space?

  4. destinedfaithoeg says:

    Although I can do a Remote Connect to WHS, if I try and connect to the console, I get a timeout message. Anyone had similar experiences?

  5. Essig says:

    Hi there, I just bought a windows home server license and so far it has been a great product.

    The only thing is that after installing powerpack 1 (I did so because my main computer is running vista x64, and I want it backed up) I cannot open the backups anymore…

    Obviously, I cannot use WHS without PP1, so hopefully there will be a solution here sometime soon?

  6. Lajuana Jeri says:

    I hope you guys can help me because i’ve been searching the net for an answer but I did not find a good solution sofar…

    I had my WHS shares set to read-only before the PP1 came out, due to the concern about corruption of the files. When I installed PP1, I started up Zune, and I thought that Zune was just going through and doing a huge metafile update to all my files (which I’m sure it was doing as well). But then I noticed things getting slow — looked at memory consumption, and the zune software was using about 3.5 gigs (based on what Vista was reporting), and the page file (nearly 10 gigs) was just about full too. Once I closed the Zune software, pagefile memory went back down to about 1.5 gigs. (Running Vista x64, SP1)

    It generally happens after about 2-10 minutes of having the Zune software up and running. Just all of a sudden, then memory starts going crazy!!!

  7. Gilda Tyesha says:

    Movies freezing since installing PP1. No joy here.

  8. Micki Gaynelle says:

    “Drive Extender Manager fails to Start”
    Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

    Is this a known issue?

    I see lots of talk about the drive extender acting differently with the PP1.

  9. Glynis Flavia says:

    I just had my laptop re-imaged and tried to reload my WHS Connector by doing the D:\install.exe however once I click on NEXT I get a pop up saying that YOU CANNOT INSTALL WINDOWS Media on this version of Windows please check the User Manual. Now I had this running on Vista SP1 but had to have system re-imaged and cannot reload. What to do now?

  10. Wesley says:

    My usually stable WHS is failing. Several “issues” have emerged since installing PowerPack 1.

    An incompatibility was observed that caused me to uninstall Windows Desktop Search Ver 4. Which I have been unable to perform a Repair on the drive through Server Storage in the WHS Console.

    Did we wait long enough for PP1, after all?

  11. Changhong says:

    I just noticed, WHS has to re-index everything after installing PP1. Give yourself lots of time for this, as it takes a while…

  12. senizulilep15 says:

    I have PP1 installed on the WHS server (named “server”) and the client software on 4 other PCs on the network. I copied the driver files from the most recent backup to a USB drive and attempted to do a restore of the system drive on my workstation. Both the server and my workstation have static IP addresses.

    After booting from the CD-ROM and getting to the point in the restore wizard of loading drivers, the scan indicates No drivers found”. Clicking continue, the wizard searches for the server and doesn’t find it. Clicking “manual search” and supplying the name SERVER, returns the same result.

    Running the WHS toolkit indicates only one “error” that can be ignored with static IP addresses. The restore CD works fine on the other PCs on the network.

    Arghh! This is frustrating.

  13. Kevlin says:

    I had the same problem with three tries. So, when I selected Manual Search and SERVER was populated in the box, I deleted it and inserted Server in the box and then it found the Server.

    Don’t know why but maybe it will work for you too!

  14. Lan Venita says:

    Can’t install WHS PP1 Client on Vista64

    After much searching, I found an article about the TCP Auto Tuning ‘feature’ in Vista. After I set my vista box to ‘disable’ I was immediately able to see the WHS network shares, but my client would not connect. I uninstalled the WHS connector and did a reinstall. However, when the installation get’s to the point of searching for my WHS, I get the message “Home Server Discovery has stopped working: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

  15. Ninh says:

    WHS Drive removal wizard locks in pp1

    Has anyone else encountered this? I needed to remove 3 drives for upgrate to TB drives and the wizard locks under pp1. Reverting back to non pp1 seems to work. Not sure if my install is at fault or not. Could someone confirm?

  16. Cory Gajewski says:

    What’s the difference between the Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 and HP’s Power Pack 1? Why the two difference versions?

  17. Greg says:

    I just picked up a HP ex470 and I am having a hard time installing PP1 onto it.

    The install guide says I have to unblock the file in the properties menu but I don’t get that option. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Sam says:

    Why does Windows Vista SP1 show as Longhorn on WHS Console?

  19. David says:

    I took the plunge and installed PP1, installation very smooth updated connector software no problems.

    Cannot remove drive from pool after PP1 23 hours later drive still being removed.

    Uninstalled PP1 without any problems, except that system tray WHS icon now red as “connector software version is now incompatible” tried to update but failed as “files not downloaded from server, software may be out of date”, interestingly the console network health indicator shows healthy.

    What to say, but PP1 isn’t done after all. Really disappointing having waited such a long time for WHS to hopefully get working.

  20. Helen says:

    All backups lost after database repair after installing PP1. Now what? Should I have stayed with the original WHS product? I just feel so frustrated in all of this… Wasn’t WHS suppose to be easy?

  21. Tex says:

    I see there are a lot of comments here today. I really like WHS so I am pleased to see the release of PP1. I then installed PP1 and later discovered that WHS with PP1 cannot open my backup files, as it stops at just 44%.

    Was I needing to have WHS redo all the PC clients backup files over again, since applying PP1?

  22. Nathan says:


    I got this too, it was after installing the connector software and before a reboot of my client pc.

  23. Billy Alsobrook says:

    For those who are having issues with the WHS connector (can’t backup computer or connect to the server) after installing Power Pack 1. You’ll need to update the connector software on each machine on your network before you can connect. Also, if the RTM is like RC4 you will lose all your current computer back-ups in the process.

  24. Karel says:

    @Billy Alsobrook: I didn’t lose any of my home computer backups after installing PP1 RC4.
    I hope it will be the same now with RTM.

  25. Billy Alsobrook says:

    Update: I apologize for my premature post. After installing PP1 RTM my backups did remain intact. I did however lose them during the RC4 install though. It might have been a fluke in my case. In contrast to the above posts things seem to be working alight so far…knock on wood. I’ll keep my fingers crossed:)

  26. Husky-71 says:

    I installed PP1 this morning on my HP MediaSmart WHS and then updated the connector SW on all the existing 32 bit client machines. Next I installed the connector sw on my 64 bit Vista machine.

    So far so good. Next it wanted me to install the McAffee and some other add-in. I was able to do it, but the console was very sluggish. It takes forever now to connect and then display the screen. Have to wait a long time if I try to click on any of the buttons like “server storage” or “shared folders” or settings.

    The console seems basically unusable right now. I can RDP into the machine and the responsiveness of the desktop seems about normal. Very curious.

  27. Dave says:

    I actually had a similar experience with the McAffee add-in, Husky, it near boatanchored my server. I’m not even sure why, from my understanding it is only supposed to be scanning when the server is idle, but when I removed it, the server seemed to be performing as it should be once again.

  28. Dave says:

    I was just reading over at http://www.mediasmartserver.net/forums/ that PVConnect also tends to index all your media content after it has been installed, which will slow up your system until it finishes.

    Having said that, the reviews of McAffee there aren’t looking very good, particularly when it comes to performance.

  29. Mason says:

    No probs installing PP1, but the Client Connector updates fail with …one of the components is from an untrusted source and may contain a virus… Click next to confirm… Next only brings up an error (after uninstalling WHS client) that update failed.

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