Latest Schedule for Power Pack 1

The latest schedule regarding release dates for Power Pack 1 (PP1), is as follows:

  • August 4th – German, Spanish and French editions will all be available via the Microsoft Download Center.
  • August 12th or August 26th – All versions of Power Pack 1 will be available to download directly via Windows Update/Microsoft Update.
  • By September, everyone purchasing the OEM edition of Windows Home Server for self-built systems will find Power Pack 1 included in their build of Windows Home Server. This is also known as a “Media Refresh”.

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  1. John ONeill says:

    I’d ECHO 2mannypuppies. Also, would it be advisable to wait before updating re. bugs etc which the earlybirds may become effectively beta testers for?


  2. Aziz says:

    Windows Home Server Console – Settings – Resources page – you should look for Build 1800

    The Power Pack 1 build will be distributed via Windows Updates – most likely on Tuesday August 12th.

  3. FlohEinstein says:

    It’s past midnight in Redmond – August 4 has passed and as far as I know, there’s neither a German nor a French or Spanisch version available via the Download Center…
    Well, I’ve waited months, what’s a view hours…

  4. Cairns says:

    Well, I`ve been waiting quite some time now for the powerpack…
    Disappointing for me, when it`s not available as scheduled again.

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