HP MediaSmart Server Update Release Notes

HP MediaSmart Server Update Readme

The award-winning HP MediaSmart Server continues to benefit from the extensibility of the platform, adding robust software enhancements.

What’s new?

  • About HP Add-ins for Windows Home Server
    • Enhanced Media Streaming with the PVConnect Add-in
    • McAfee Server Side Anti-virus Protection Add-in
  • Windows Vista 64-bit Operating Systems Compatibility
  • HP MediaSmart Server Defect Fixes and Enhancements

About HP Add-ins for Windows Home Server

HP add-ins are software programs that extend the functionality of Windows Home Server. HP is working with PacketVideo to provide enhanced media streaming using the PVConnect add-in. The McAfee add-in delivers server side anti-virus protection.

Enhanced Media Streaming with the PVConnect Add-in

HP is building upon the Windows Home Server platform and working with PacketVideo to enhance the media streaming process from the server to other digital media devices in the home, such as the MediaSmart TV. The PacketVideo PVConnect add-in includes advanced graphics, such as thumbnails of photos, in-menu browsing, and album art.

McAfee Server Side Anti-virus Protection Add-in

In response to customer feedback, HP now integrates server-side anti-virus software into the HP MediaSmart Server.
The McAfee anti-virus add-in with Total Protection Service is optimized for your Windows Home Server multimedia environment. It continually monitors activity on the server to ensure that scanning operations do not interfere. When another activity places high demand on the server’s processing capabilities, Total Protection Service pauses its scan, then resumes it when greater processing capability becomes available. This means that a scheduled scan might take longer than you anticipate, but will never degrade the performance of another activity, such as viewing a movie.
The McAfee anti-virus add-in is free for the first seven months after which there is a minimal charge. Internet access is required to receive updates.

Windows Vista 64-bit Operating Systems Compatibility

The HP MediaSmart Server also supports Windows Vista 64-bit operating systems for serious computer users who have advanced, high-performance needs.
Windows Vista 64-bit support requires Windows Home Server Power Pack 1. See www.Microsoft.com for additional information on WHS Power Pack 1 or see Configuring Windows Update in the Windows Home Server Console Help.

To install the 64-bit client computer software on Windows Vista

Note: Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 must be installed prior to installing the HP MediaSmart Server client software. To find out which version of Windows Home Server you have installed, double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray. Click Settings, and then click Resources in the left menu of the Windows Home Server Settings dialog box. The version should say Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1.

  1. At the computer, click Start, and then click Network.
  2. Under Network Tasks, click Add a network place.
  3. In the Network Place Wizard, use the following UNC network address:
    For example, \\HPSERVER\software
    When the wizard completes, you should see the name you chose for the network place in the window.
  4. Double-click the network place, and then open the Home Server Connector Software folder.
  5. Double-click Install.exe and follow the instructions on the installation wizards.

HP MediaSmart Server Defect Fixes and Enhancements

The following defect fixes and enhancements are included in this update.

  1. Online User’s Guide enhancements which correspond to HP MediaSmart Server software changes.
  2. Improvements to the French and Spanish online User’s Guide.
  3. Various modifications to Photo Webshare, including improved image quality, better handling of daylight savings time, minor improvements to user work flows, and a security enhancement.
  4. Improved Control Center performance in certain situations.

Thanks to HP’s MediaSmartHome for the info.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Is there documentation any where online about the PV Connect? For example, I can’t even figure out how to add thumbnails to my videos or make other edits.

  2. Joe Bellows says:

    I have a HP SL4782N HD TV. I understand the MediaSmart server incorporate and addin PVConnect to allow streaming video/audio. I have not been able find any clear info on where PVConnect is available or what to expect. Please advise of download sites and how to install, ports etc

  3. […] included two Add-Ins to WHS, PVConnect and McAffee Anti-virus. I don’t use […]

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