Hi-Grade Home-serv 2000 Reviewed

Computer Shopper has tested the Hi-Grade Home-serv 2000 and have given it a dismal 2 out of 5 stars.

Hi-Grade Home-serv 2000

Why just 2 stars?

Size, too big as it is the same size as a standard midi-tower PC, noise. It’s noisy being one of the loudest computers Computer Shopper had tested and file transfers were very sluggish at copying large files and remarkably slow at transferring small files.

You can read the full review here.

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  1. JohnBick says:

    That is a poor quality review. While the conclusions seem valid, the author is not familiar with WHS, does not know what to expect and it shows. And it should stream just fine with a 100Mb/s link (and no gigabit) — the audio/sound should not be breaking up.

    In fact, it is so poor I wonder if he set it up correctly. The breakup is consistent with a poor interconnection and the author complains about transfer performance — but does not quantify it. Maybe the unit is not as bad as claimed!??

    And he certainly does not understand much about the WHS backup technology.

    They should re-do the review using someone who knows and understands the technology. This hurts the entire community, not just that one box.

    (I tried to post a direct reply but somehow my ID there is messed up and when I tried to get a new one it never sent the confirmation. If someone wants to pass this along feel free to do so.)

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