Add-In: LogPoint Performance Monitor for WHS Beta

Performance Monitor 1  

Version beta of LogPoint the Performance Monitor for WHS has been released which has been completely rewritten and graph’s in real-time.

Performance Monitor 2

New Features:

1) Improved graphic display (now using real-time graphing) using Infragistics Graphing component.

2) Ability to monitor other devices on the WHS network

3) Performance graphing of the following WMI performance namespaces:

a) Processor
b) Memory
c) System
d) Logical Disks
e) Physical Disks
g) Processes (ability to monitor an individual process)
h) More to follow – can be added easily.

Each of the above is broken down into a number of sub-selectable monitors, which in some cases is dependent on the number of devices you have in the machine being monitored.

4) Ability to output graph to JPEG file.

5) View the real-time raw data gathered as the system monitors (can then be exported to excel).

6) English Descriptions of both the monitor and the individual components.

7) Interactive configurations, including the ability to direct messages and warnings to the WHS notifications queue.

NOTE: You will need to have the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed for this add-in to work.

More information and support is available from here.

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  1. Tyisha Regina says:

    Why is all the WHS third party add-ins Beta quality?
    Must WHS be only used for beta testing?

  2. Dave says:

    1. Because it’s a brand new product line entering into a market that didn’t previously exist.
    2. Because third-party, by definition, means someone else wrote it, and beta means they want to find people interested in their product enough to help test it, knowing that it’s completely optional. All software needs a good beta test stage in order to get real-world testing and customer feedback. Hey, doesn’t Gmail still have “Beta” in the logo? Yep, just checked, it does.

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