WHS Add-in Webcast by HP and Microsoft Roundup

If you missed the Windows Home Server Add-in Webcast by HP and Microsoft then it is available for replay from here.

It was good to see what the highest rated add-ins were under the following categories: 

Website Creation and Customization:

  • Whiist
  • WHS Customiser
  • Add Website


Media and Streaming:

  • TiVo Publisher
  • Media Connect Controller
  • WebGuide for Windows Home Server


Power Management:

  • GridJunction
  • AutoExit 2008
  • LightsOut


Home Server Management:

  • WHS Disk Management
  • Advanced Admin Console
  • Remote Notification


The main features which are included in Power Pack 1 were discussed:

  • 64-bit OS support
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Remote access enhancements
  • Backup to external Hard Drive
  • Hard drive removal improvements
  • International localization (Japanese & Chinese)
  • Bug Fixes

And the HP MediaSmart Server Software Update was also discussed. As we already know, to be included in this update is:

  • Enhanced media streaming experience (Packet Video) – Provides Photo thumbnails and album art across multiple DMAs (xBox360, PS3 etc).
  • Server-side Anti-virus – Scans and protects data stored on the server.
  • Vista 64-bit Support

But the big news from HP is that the update will be available at the same time as Microsoft’s full public release of Power Pack 1.

The webcast ended with a special offer from New Egg, which enables you to save $75 on the purchase of a HP MediaSmart Server, which is good for either the EX470 (500GB) or the EX475 (1TB). During the checkout process enter the following code HP75MS, but hurry as the offer ends 8th July 2008.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    Other than the sync’d PP1 and MediaSmart Update, not much new there for those closely following WHS. But I did get a brief laugh when I thought I heard some mistakenly refer to PP1 as Power Pack 2. hmmm..somebody must have just come from a meeting discussing future works.

  2. TxDot says:

    I got the same “deal” from Newegg 2 weeks ago and Fry’s had the HP MSS for the same price. Price was $539 and I saved the sales tax by ordering from Newegg.

  3. Michiel says:

    Hi Philip,

    I like to receive news relating my WHS but now I have the feeling it’s just junkmail… (sorry….) Esspecially with the quote: “….but hurry as the offer ends 8th July 2008”
    I like your website and your newsletters but maybe you can take care that advertisement related subjects are only on the website and not in a newsletter?
    I think most people receiving your newsletter already possess a WHS.

    Please see this as a constructive comment because I really like your website 🙂

    With kind regards
    Rotterdam ,The Netherlands

  4. Raven says:

    I totally disagree, because WHS sucks! It’s been proven by Microsoft itself to have a serious data corruption design flaw (KB 946676) among a huge list of bugs, missing features like the ability to backup the operating system, such as in the event the hard drive fails and not to mention how WHS doesn’t play fair, using Microsoft’s own protocols only.

    And I’m not the only one saying this, the world’s largest microprocessor manufacturer, Intel, has announced that they will not support Windows Vista in its facilities too.

    Acer CEO also hates Vista and is working to replace “Windows” with Linux…

    But wait, anyone buying WHS, cannot use it on Vista 64bit, that is until PP1 ever does get released and that all them bugs are worked out, if ever here…

    And just what other operating system does WHS work with, only XP which Microsoft on this very Monday has decided to stop selling!

    So where does that leave you with WHS?

    Now everyone with brains will understand, not only to wait until Microsoft releases “Fuji” (next version of Windows after Vista DRM) just like “Vail” (the next version of Windows Home Server) because there is no value in selling a broken, buggy and obsolete operating system.

    Yes, WHS isn’t even based upon Windows Server 2008, it’s all Windows Server 2003 using a stupid management console with all beta third party add-ins that attempt to fill in the missing very much needed functions.

    And MSWHS doesn’t even use Microsoft’s own ASP.NET software on this here website! It’s using “open source solutions” WordPress, PHP on Apache servers…

    If your going to benefit for using “open source intellectual property” than start supporting it, right” Instead of bashing everything that’s NOT Microsoft! And why can’t MSWHS use Microsoft’s own software solutions since it’s promoting it, advertising it and selling it?

    Microsoft is a Propriety software pusher!

    How much Open Source Intellectual Property is Microsoft Infringing upon?

  5. Dave says:

    I wonder if these people realize that one of the reasons many people don’t like open-source software is because of these weirdo-zealots that back it up with religious fervor. News flash: You (yes you) are making open-source software look bad.

    Want open-source to succeed? Put your money where your mouth is: contribute something to your favourite open-source WHS-alternative project; if one doesn’t exist, start one. It’s a simple challenge, I defy you to take me up on it.

  6. Trent says:

    Hi Aaaron and Dave,

    Yep – Raven’s post fits perfectly the same pattern I mentioned before about robot posts by those religious anti-MS tollers.

    The key things to look for are things like:
    1. Heavy use of HTML formatting
    2. The constant mention of the data corruption issue, even
    though the data issue has been fixed.
    3. Constant use of KB numbers
    4. Constant mention of the lack of 64-bit Vista support –
    Yeah, right – because there’s a burning issue that is
    affecting millions of users
    5. Unbelievably stupid statements like “Microsoft Infringing
    upon Open Source Intellectual Property”
    (notice the strange capitalization!)
    6. The constant instance that WHS doesn’t use ASP.NET
    software on this site – but of course what does WHS
    technically have to do with a blog web site?
    Duh! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
    7. The constant mention of certain key words:
    a. “Anti-competitive”
    b. “propriety software”
    c. “monopoly”
    d. ” “wow” experience”
    e. DRM
    f. “broken, buggy and obsolete”
    g. And the big one that is the dead give-away: “Open Source”

    If you see those ley things, you should just ignore those posts. There is not a real person behind it. Certainly not one with fully functional brain stem.

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