Were Not Served

As you may have noticed (and if not..tutt, tutt) We Got Served vanished from our web browsers from Thursday after being intermittent from the evening before. This was due to a lot of people hitting the site at the same time, owner Terry Walsh told us and added that he pulled down the shared server and is in the process of rebuilding the server on a new host. Terry says hi! to you all and says that the site should be backup over the weekend.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    Thanks for relaying that message. I’m beta testing GridJunction and haven’t been able to access the private forum setup there.

  2. Matt Dillion says:

    It’s funny, how “We Got Served” promotes Windows Home Server, and YET uses the free open source code solutions for both their server using Apache/2.2.8 and their blog using WordPress! Not to mention even their SSL using OpenSSL and it’s all served up using PHP/5.2.5!

    The only thing that wegotserved.co.uk is actually Microsoft here is just the propaganda!

    Why doesn’t them Microsoft pushers use their own Microsoft solutions?

    Even this MSWHS blog is using Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux), “WordPress” and OpenSSL/0.9.7e, and PHP as well.

    No ASP.NET, No Microsoft Server (any version) and no Microsoft software used here, just use the FREE solutions that work, and blame them for being around while promoting the highest cost half working solutions, that are full of bugs, with proven defects that remain crippled in both design, in DRM and with WGA.

    Is it any wonder why nobody actually uses Microsoft software, unless brainwashed, forced against them and or just out of total ignorance?

    Microsoft is a hypocrite, because it bashes open source code, and YET uses it to advance upon. Just how much open source intellectually property is Microsoft stealing, borrowing and on loan here?

    If there is offending code, I think Microsoft should show it and prove it. Why not set up a Web site with a few code snippets that show how Linux violates Windows patents — if such snippets really exist?

    That’s because Microsoft is all FUD and they know it! Still hidden, still NOT revealed and still ALL proprietary source code.

  3. Alexander says:

    Hey Sherlock I think Scotland Yard is hiring…

  4. Andres says:

    Ha Ha


  5. Dave says:

    Why wouldn’t the people running the site use whatever tools works for them be they Microsoft or open-source? So, because a blog talks about Microsoft technologies, it absolutely MUST run on Microsoft software, or must NOT use open-source software? What planet are you from?

    Also WHS has nothing to do with DRM or WGA, but I love how you keep trying to make that connection. Reminds me of a certain Republican president…

    I’m getting pretty sick of you troll(s). Do you honestly think you’re changing anyone’s minds? Especially considering your inane and completely illogical comments that only serve to show that you have no understanding of the IT industry, to say nothing of the real world? To put it mildly, you come across as someone who still lives with his parents. Get a real job in the IT world, then maybe you’ll be qualified to comment here. Maybe someday you’ll even qualify for the human race.

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