Happy Birthday to us

Yes, it’s exactly 1 year ago that we started mswhs.com with a post entitled Good Evening, Afternoon or Morning – Wherever you are and what a great year it has been. From tutorial’s, breaking stories and the latest news from around the world covering Windows Home Server. This site continues to grow, attracting nearly 1 million hits in the last 12 months. Somebody said the other day we have published more articles than all the other WHS sites combined together – Wow!

1st Birthday  

With over 700 posts and our loyal readers leaving over 2,700 comments (thanks guys and girls!). The following 12 months can only be better and we will continue to report, learn and teach Windows Home Server – The server for the people.

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  1. Ian Dixon says:

    Congratulation! It’s a great resource for Windows Home Server

  2. Meow says:

    1 million hits
    and zero resolution regarding KB 946676 data corruption!

    By all means pay yourself on the back, while real customers cope and deal with their lost of family videos, photos albums and backup files…

    WHS doesn’t deserve a website, it needs to be recalled and a class action lawsuit filed to refund all it’s customers!!!

  3. Darren G. says:

    Works perfectly, so you will NOT be needing Vista 64bit support being how WHS doesn’t provide this, nor would you want the proven data corruption design defect to be resolved as well.

    Once again, someone is only thinking about themselves. While the rest of us, do want Vista 64 bit support, and to get the promised resolution of having to fix the data corruption KB 946676 serious flaw in the system.

    But, I’m sure everyone else but you, have perfect working systems that nobody has every heard of bugs, flaws, defects and the sort in WHS?

    The only person being pathetic is someone really stupid enough here, as unlike someone dumb, you actually know better and resist coming over to stand on fixing WHS, speaking up about what needs to be resolved, and demanding to get WHS working, functioning and delivering what was promised!

  4. Donavon West says:

    Happy Birthday Philip from your friends over at Home Server Hacks!

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