Windows Home Server + Xbox

Jason Buffington also known as the Xbox Dad has posted details on using Windows Home Server with his Xbox taking us through the configuration details.

Xbox Dad

Read it here.

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  1. tomf says:

    blech, that’s not an xbox, that’s an xbox 360. no wonder he had to post a tutorial. xbmc ftw!

  2. billbiko says:

    Hi Phillip,

    The link appears to have changed, to put the positive spin on it though, it does work great! I was able to stream video to both of my Xbox 360’s (happy tomf!), music and photos and it was a breeze.

    This is one of the features that really sold me on Windows Home Server, after the fact. I wrote a bit about his here, http://www.squidoo.com/windows-home-server-info if people are looking for more info about Windows Home Server and trying to decide if it is for them.

  3. A revised link to the Xbox site on connecting to WHS is here:- http://www.xbox.com/en-US/pcsetup/whs.htm

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