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The Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Beta forum has opened within the Windows Home Server Forums for those of you who will need help preparing your WHS for Power Pack 1 (PP1). Details on how to use this forum are also there.

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  1. Jason says:

    Is Windows Home Server Public “Beta” PP1 good enough?

    You can only tack features on an existing product for so long before its time to start over from scratch.

    Or in Microsoft’s case, release WHS 2nd Edition “Vail” in replacement of broken WHS using buggy third party add-ins come August 2008.

  2. Ri Ming Lo says:

    Anything that WHS requires to make it work with questionable third party applications when in fact Microsoft doesn’t even get it’s own product supported is obviously NOT ready for the Public. And hence, the reason as to why WHS is still an unfinished products waiting since last year to get it together, but still depending upon yet another BETA product that everyone is needing known as WHS Public Beta PP1.

    Microsoft is just “Spoon” feeding us the many excuses, be their lame internal quality bar standards, their lack of testing their own software products in WHS and certainly for delaying any resolution on this matter since last year!

    And I am 100% sure WHS PP1 isn’t going to be released in June 2008 as reported here as well.

    That’s because, just like Vista SP1, and XP SP3, now comes WHS PP1 and it’s also been delayed AGAIN, despite everyone else who’s a non paying customer downloading it over P2P.

    Check out the Screen Shots of WHS Public Beta PP1 from no less China! And we paying customers are still waiting, in need…


    Way to go Microsoft… ;(

  3. Hambuge says:

    @Ri Ming Lo, “It’ll be August or later before we see the final release”.

  4. Ron says:

    If you just unplug iWHS it will flip out as well.

  5. Unicole 66 says:

    WHS cant backup to an eternal drive, it treats it as more storage, and there is NO backup program despite having a major problem that has taken forever to fix. PP1 doesn’t deliver as advertised and promised!!!

    Where do I get my refund for having bought WHS?

    I would never ever recommend a backup server that doesn’t even back up itself! So Shameful!

    Can anyone name one good reason why to purchase WHS?

    Nobody wants default (and d-e-f-e-c-t-i-v-e) WHS “as is” and that’s the truth!

    WHS needs more than even a Power Pack 1. WHS needs to be done over from scratch, without the need of having to acquire much need third party add-ins that are for the most part all beta quality that isn’t supported by Microsoft.

  6. Amy says:

    @Unicole 66

    That’s in addition of being required to be all Microsoft to really use it to its full ability.

    All valid and good points.

  7. Eddie says:

    @Unicole 66

    Another point to be made, PP1 doesn’t address the issue of connecting external storage by requiring all external storage to first be reformatted over to NTFS just in order to use it.

    It is any wonder how Microsoft WHS remains a Microsoft only product? Where is the HPFS+ support that Apple uses?

    Not even Linux file format support either which is FREE!

    It would have been much better to offer the option, and then allow data to be shared using an external hard drive instead of deleting all the data first.

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