The Home Server Show – 2

The 2nd episode of The Home Server Show is now available for your listening pleasure. Apart from covering news, this weeks 40 minute Podcast also covers add-in updates and an interview with Terry Walsh of WeGotServed.co.uk

Download or listen from here.

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  1. Glen says:

    “Power Pack 1 will not provide a tool to back up your backup database,” said Ken Warren. Microsoft announced Power Pack 1 for WHS in January advertising what it called “Windows Home Server Data Backup”.

    Joel Sider, senior product manager for WHS, confirmed that the serverwide backup had been pulled. It’s official…

    The server backup functionality won’t include the PC backup database — a separate data store on Home Server that keeps all the data from the PCs that home server is backing up every night.

  2. Richard says:

    @Glen, didn’t Grey Lancaster also say, that because of the instability of the WHS Drive Extender code (KB 946676) issue is why the database backup tool couldn’t be completed? And that there hasn’t been much progress made if at all on the issue at hand.

    It would be nice to clear this up and have Microsoft provide some statement as to what is being officially done to resolve their proven data corruption design defect in WHS, since it’s already been many months now that anything has been reported here…

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