Windows Home Server OEM Video

Another Windows Home Server video promoting our beloved server product to Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s). This 6 minute vid covers Diskeeper Defrag and Seagate amongst others.

View it here.


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  1. Rip Me Off says:

    World Class Quality? With a 9 month data corruption proven design flaw delay?

    This video talks about providing file sharing, but not one word about KB 946676!

    This is an advertisement to promote sales of WHS without mentioning a proven design flaw found in WHS’s Drive Extender technology.

    All sales of WHS should be stopped until this is fixed!

  2. Cathy Mills says:

    WHS is Expensive $$$ with a proven design flaw. Why not just buy something that really works, for a whole lot less?

    The SC101 connects to your network via a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection for fast data transfers. When you connect two drives to the device, you have the option of having them “mirrored” or “spanned.” Mirrored storage lets you keep two copies of every file, one on each drive, so that everything is backed up in case of drive failure. When two drives are set to span, they appear as one volume so they are easy to work with and the device will automatically find your data across both drives.

    It’s only about $60 dollars on Amazon

  3. William says:

    It’s called the NETGEAR SC101 Storage Central. Which is an expandable storage system that allows shared access by all computers on your network.

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