Build and Deploy an ASP.NET Website on WHS

A great 7 part guide is available showing you how build and deploy an ASP.NET website using the Whiist Add-In on to your Windows Home Server.

Read the guide here.

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  1. Rollin says:

    ASP.NET just locks you more into the Microsoft monopoly. It’s a shame WHS doesn’t support PHP.

    PHP is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It provides web developers with a full suite of tools especially suited for Web development for building dynamic websites.

    PHP supports open WEB standards, not proprietary WEB code, that Microsoft wants to monopolize.

  2. King Ergo says:

    If ASP is a recovering crack adict who scrubs the dumpers at the post office, PHP is the Scandinavian girl who cleans the house in a thong.

    XML, ASP, PHP, DHTML, JScript, Perl, CSS, and SQL: These are all prevalent technologies on today’s Internet.

    I’m willing to bet two facts:

    1. You have no idea what any of these are.
    2. You don’t care.

    Nowadays, things are very different. Whatever web site you are searching, it almost always has really complicated crap in it to “personalize” or “enhance” your browsing, usually in the form of advertisements for corporations to profit, spy and track the browser user.

    Please explain why ASP.NET is supposed to be so amazing because I don’t see it…

  3. Vincent says:

    My primary gripes with ASP.NET are with the IDE and the fact that it makes simple things (like a postback dropdown in a datagrid) seem so difficult. You have to deal with a scheme where everything interactive is a object that must be linked to an event; where in Ruby on Rails you deal with commands to a controller. Makes things so much easier to deal with.

  4. Big Owl Knows says:

    It seems that so much of ASP is not necessary and backward. MS goes 90% of the way on the controls, forces the developers (us) to make the rest of the code for them. Try making dynamic pretty urls with ASP.

    It’s the same as WHS, forcing developers to make the rest of the missing features, called third party add-ins. Which is ironic in how WHS is built on top of Windows 2003 Server, and gets Active Directory disabled.

  5. Real Facts vs. Microsoft Sales Talk says:

    Microsoft’s attempt at re-inventing web development is pathetic.

    All companies and developers that are wasting time and resources on this crap is in for a nasty surprise when they throw it on the same scrap heap as vb6, active x controls, mfc, com+, etc.

    ASP.NET will stress your life out and you will die young.

    Here’s why:

    – The learning curve is outrageous

    – There are so many classes, and so many permutations on how these classes interact, and so many odd behaviors. Debugging seemingly simple problems can take hours.

    – Doing anything even slightly creative with forms is highly problematic.

    – Because there are so many thousands of programming issues to keep in mind when programming .NET, and because there are always new features coming down the pipe, the online communities and forums can’t keep up.

    The only reason most people decide to program in .NET is because Microsoft has a multi-billion dollar sales and marketing budget.

    By the way, since my experiment with .NET, I now use PHP and MySQL exclusively. What a difference! I really believe that PHP and MySQL are first rate technologies. They are very robust, allow all sorts of flexibility, you can produce lots of working code quickly, and there’s tonnes of online support. I decided on the switch after I found a Powerpoint presentation from Yahoo’s technical director on why Yahoo switched to PHP: Real Facts vs. Microsoft Sales Talk.

  6. Cake Cream and Pie says:

    ASP.net is the biggest piece of crap. I have worked on PHP, and ASP and I’ve currently worked on ASP.net for about 3 years now (against my will).

    In case you haven’t noticed: PHP 5 is out. It’s a full blown, mature PL and arguably the 400 pound gorilla of SSI solutions with a long history. MySQL 5 is out as well. It’s a full blown DB and comes with tons of free x-platform admin and design tools that make building the outline of a large web app a walk in the park and thus scares the living daylights out of Oracle and IBM. You may have noticed IBM virtually giving their DB2 away for free (beer) since just a few months ago. Guess how that happened.

    Please do your homework!

  7. Blue says:

    Here are a few ASP.NET things that I must also mention.

    * Why do we need a web site cofiguration file outside IIS?

    * If an ASP.NET control doesn’t do what you want then you’re stuck.

    * Adding client site JavaScript to an ASP.NET page is harder then enriching uranium (compared to ASP). I won’t even comment on XMLHTTP (don’t use the word AJAX – it’s crap too in ASP.NET).

    There is a lot more about ASP.NET’s suckiness but I’ll stop here.

  8. The Hammer says:

    ASP.NET totally sucks!
    Consider the GridView example below…

    It turns out that whatever parameters passed to the data source to drive the GridView must be serializable, including references to the business layer. After carefully setting the business layer references in Session state, binding the GridView control, and removing the parameters from session state, the application still crashes with serialization errors EVEN WHEN the business data is empty. So it must be trying to serialize the business layer via the designation of the reference in the session parameter.

    Why would it do this after the control has been bound? Is it trying to send my whole business layer serialized to the web client? Square peg, round hole, enough is enough.

  9. ASP.NET is Black ICE says:

    More example of crappy ASP.NET for you…

    1) The form designer creates the ugliest, poorly formatted, crap code that I’ve ever seen.

    2) The simplest things turn out to be a real pain in the butt, like cross page posting!

    Why does MS want to eliminate all client side code from my pages by replacing it with stupid and slow server side code?

    Asp.net breeds lazy programmers who write slow, ugly code (or have slow, ugly code written for them).

  10. ASP.NET Realm of $M says:

    The other thing about asp.net is as soon as you want to do something outside of the realm of what MS envisioned it becomes a nightmare.

    Try doing stuff like adding a client side checkbox to an asp.net datagrid, that executes a client side function. 🙁 🙁

  11. Stew L. says:

    My initial thoughts on ASP.net are:

    1. it is a pain to learn,

    2. You lose control of the resulting interface, which is MS-ified (in short UGLY),

    3. Code you write, or should I say that VS writes, can be written in any other language in 2 lines of code instead of 10,

    4.) boy did MS fuck up the data access stuff, what pain!

  12. Heaven Help Microsoft says:

    My initial thoughts on ASP.net are:

    1. it is a pain to learn,

    2. You lose control of the resulting interface, which is MS-ified (in short UGLY),

    3. Code you write, or should I say that VS writes, can be written in any other language in 2 lines of code instead of 10,

    4.) boy did MS fuck up the data access stuff, what pain!

    ASP.NET takes what used to be a very simple realm — rendering HTML — and turns it into a completely obscured mess of controls that are fundamentally hard to work with. Perhaps it benefits the person who has no experience writing HTML or Javascript, but for those of us with tons of experience in those realms ASP.NET is maddening. What’s the point of a TextBox control? It’s a damn input field! Why can’t I set properties on it?

    ASP .NET was not designed or written by Web Developers. Period.

  13. ASP.Net is True Programming says:

    I will keep this short. Everyone’s complaint in this blog is a joke. Scripting languages are not true programming languages. It sounds like everyone does not know how to code in an object world and never put together a real business application using databases. Server side code has hugh benefits without the limitations of a browser. Asp.ne is not slow if you know how to code an object not to metion reusability, but that is only useful for someone codes business apllications for money. Asp.net and the .net platform is here to stay and I welcome it.

  14. Paying Higher Fees says:

    Well for one thing, ASP is greedy. Like the typical Microsoft mindset, “How can we squeeze you out of your last dollar”, the cost of licensing a server to the general public is astounding in comparison to, PHP for example.

    On a .Net Server there are bandwidth issues and dues that have to be paid to Microsoft when a limit has been reached. On a Unix hosting system running PHP for example, there are no real costs associations in server licensing. It’s either use all the bandwith you want on Unix/PHP, or pay for ASP/.Net combo.

    Now keep this in mind, if Microsoft controlled the general population of the Internet world with ASP/.NET, we’d be paying higher fees for inferior technology. Look at their history and you’ll see that they half-ass everything.

  15. Don't Bother Using ASP.NET says:

    To me, PHP is where it’s at. I don’t see why anyone would want to bother with ASP or ASP.net — it’s just one more way for Micro$oft to get your $$$, whereas PHP is above that.

  16. Don't Bother Using ASP.NET says:

    Wow. Boy-oh-boy did I just jump straight into a pro-ASP.Net ready-to-flame thread. Or whatever they’re called.

    To me, PHP is where it’s at. I don’t see why anyone would want to bother with ASP or ASP.net — it’s just one more way for Micro$oft to get your $$$, whereas PHP is above that.

  17. George says:


    1st Place) Google uses Python NOT ASP.NET.
    2nd Place) Yahoo use PHP NOT ASP.NET.
    Last Place) Microsoft ASP.NET

    So why is $M buying Yahoo, going after Google, right?

    My personal experience with ASP.NET;

    * Difficult to learn.
    * Everything I touched had a MS bug in it. Sometimes I spent days to finally realize that it’s a bug in ASP.NET.

  18. ASP.Net is True Programming says:

    Is this about cost or technology? As a side note any scripting engine can be used on a windows web server. And for the home servers asp.net is the best fix since it will allow to access everything and anything on your server and network.

  19. Egghead says:

    Basically, the way Micro$oft does business just makes me sick.

    Ten years ago, you could sort of count on them to fulfill customers’ needs, but in the last five years or so, all they care about anymore is milking their customers out of more and more money, plus they deliver a technology that’s inferior and doesn’t let you do things your way.

  20. Freddie Mac says:

    Web code rankings…

    1.) PHP
    2.) JS
    3.) JSP
    4.) Ruby
    5 – 9) Those same and then
    10.) ASP.

  21. George says:

    ASP is Microsoft technology for handling dynamic web pages like calling data from database and updating data into database etc…

    PHP on the other hand PHP is the open source alternative to ASP that runs on multiple operating systems, including Linux, Windows solaris and other operating system.

    There is a clear difference, open verses monopoly!

  22. Wayne says:

    VS 2003 won’t run in Vista, and Visual Studio 2005 comes with plenty of disclaimers.

  23. Name Withheld says:

    As a diligent Microsoft MVP, I wanted to volunteer to help the mother empire with the ASP.NET launch.

    But after this experience, you won’t drag me even with a free Zune. I’m sorry for people who will use ASP.NET. At least I’m being honest about it!

  24. Doug says:

    True Programmer you say??? ASP.NET Totally Sucks, and here’s why for an example!!!

    The fact you have to compile a website? (! A WEBSITE !) before you can view it boggles my mind.

    And when you do compile it, it destroys your server side session! So you can’t spot a problem on a page, fix it in the code and then refresh the page to see the fix because the session is lost and you’ve just been logged out

  25. Jerri Masters says:

    PHP 5.0 is the true successor to web development. The programming model is “light” You can code the same application with notepad or VIM or whatever. With dot net you are stuck with Visual Studio, inefficient code generation, and if you want to add custom javascript, you have get tied up with all crappy code generated javascript generated by Visual Studio. Ugh…

  26. Cary says:

    ASP.NET clearly was designed for people who don’t want anything to do with HTML and JavaScript. Being how both are NOT owned by Microsoft.

  27. Anna says:

    I think the biggest problem everyone has with ASP.Net is that your using the prebuilt junk. Thats there for the fanboys.

  28. Etch says:

    I’ve been developing ASP.NET apps for over 5 years now, I’m still convinced it sucks!

    I admit, its a nice platform, very useful, very good tools in there, just shitty execution!!

    Besides the fact that you have to learn to do everything “Their” way, because once you stray away from the standard way they intended you to use it, you go into uncharted territory and its up to the user community to help you discover the workarounds for all the bugs that ASP.NET starts throwing at you!

  29. Lenin says:

    And what drives me bonkers, is when 2 or more Microsoft products that are supposed to work together, don’t work very well, because they fail to follow their own standards!

  30. ASP.NET Headaches says:

    I’m sure if you spend enough months browsing the user community for every little bug, you will eventually know your way around it if you happen to find a workaround for every issue .. but who needs this headache?? I have enough issues in real life to waste any time solving Microsoft’s!

  31. Jim says:


  32. Ryan says:

    And ASP.NET’s debugging in VS is awful! I’m sick of seeing the message “There is no source code available for the current location!”.

  33. Oinio 2U says:

    I agree 100%. .NET sucks. It vastly overcomplicates the simplest things. Especially when you start dealing with AJAX.

  34. ttoomm says:


    I am one of the authors of the Guide mentioned above by Phil Churchill that started this string of rants and raves.

    Please let me assure you that this is NOT about what technology is better or about open source versus Microsoft monopoly. This is very simply about home-enthusiasts who already have Windows Home Server getting a fully functioning dynamic website for free.

    Fastphoto, the other author, and I take no position whatsoever on what is better, best nor brightest. If you look at the website (http://whswebsite.googlepages.com/) front page you’ll see that we say we DO NOT KNOW any website programming language.

    I will say it again. This is about a free website for those who want it. The first guy to post here, Rollin, hit the nail on the head. We ended up using ASP.NET because:
    1. IIS Come free on WHS
    We might even tend to agree about the learning curve (that is why we wrote the guide) except we don’t know enough to compare with anything else.

    This is about setting up free website, using free software and a free starter kit. This is for the hobbyist, the home-enthusiasts.

    One final time this is about helping folks setup a FREE Website at home, nothing more.


  35. Judgeschambers a.ka. TheJudge says:


    Don’t let those boys get you down about your tutorial site for building a web site on WHS. You have a good tutorial, but it may be a bit complex for some. I use a basic HTML editor and Whiist to make my pages. Can’t come close to the richness of using the ASP.net format, but it works for my needs.

    This site here sometimes attracts the Anti MS crowd and they don’t comment on the actual purpose of the initial thread posted. Instead they use one crumb of the topic as a soap box to scream, yell and claw to discredit and badger anything Microsoft (same thing happens on the WHS Forum). It must get crawled frequently or competitors have an RSS feed connected directly to their heads..LOL

    I’ve had the same thing happen when I’ve posted my “How To’s” here as well……A complete disregard for the topic by flooding it with negativity. And challenging them just fans the insanity. …LOL.

    Even with all that, Philip has a nice site here with some valuable information for those of us running Windows Home Server. So, if you want to run a really rich web site on you WHS, then check out the link at the top of the page and see if it’s for you… 😉

  36. Joseph Baggett says:

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of PHP developers and/or people that do not know .Net here? .Net is not complicated at all. For those hobbyists here, pick up .Net b/c it is the best development framework out there today. All ASP.Net controls are extensible. The people complaining about ASP.Net here have surely shown they have no real knowledge of what it is, nor have the skill to understand what a good development platform is. And for the guy saying DB2 is being given out… who the heck wants to develop on it? Surely saying MySQL and DB2 are awesome are sure signs you have no idea what you are talking about. And for the other set of people that wonder why controls are built in ASP.Net and not standard html controls… dude, they are rendered as html. As far as messing up data access?!?! To the other dude who says it is not stable just doesn’t know how to deploy ASP.Net obviously. I sincerely hope you idiots stay up with times versus comparing things you do not know.

  37. Dave says:

    What the heck? Call me crazy, but is this blog not called MS Windows Home Server? Why are all of these self-righteous, anti-Microsoft, anti-ASP.NET people here posting their inexperienced, inarticulate, unfounded, sensationalist garbage here, then, let alone reading this blog to begin with?

    Oh, right, because they’re trolling. Because they think software development and technology is religion. Let’s put this into perspective: You are elevating your tools to the status of religious icon.

    “My hammer is better than your hammer!”
    “No, mine is better because it works better than yours.”
    “Well, your hammer was made by a huge conglomerate corporation for the purpose of making money and locking you into their monopoly on nails and wood. Mine is made by hardworking volunteers, therefore it’s less evil.”
    “Yeah, but your hammer sometimes misses the nail, and doesn’t have a claw for removing nails.”
    “But Bob Vila uses this same kind of hammer.”

    Are we seeing yet how pathetic this argument is?

    If you’d rather see PHP on Windows Home Server, set it up, package it, document it, and post about it. Maybe even this blog will pick it up. Otherwise, you’re just trolling, and it’s pathetic.

  38. Judgeschambers a.ka. TheJudge says:


    Yup, I said the same thing. That’s what they do and it’s getting worse and worse…. Nothing to do with the topic at all. They’ve got an RSS feed to this site. Once they all post, they never come back until the next post that contains some MS key words. I’m for deleting them as it is not thread related and is basically a thread “hi-jack!” Philip, what do you think?

  39. Dave says:


    That’s pretty much what I’m figuring, too. These people must think it’s a “cause” that they’re “fighting”, it’s about the only mentality that fits this behaviour.

    I wonder if they realize that at the end of the day, they will have completely failed to change anyone’s minds about the tools they use, and have pretty much wasted their time and efforts.

  40. Klein says:

    What’s pathetic is how Microsoft fanboi’s offer nothing but propaganda. Saying how these people don’t like ASP.NET or that it is easy is just totally ignorant of the FACTS and customers, programmers and YES even those that blog here telling you it’s NOT what you want it to be. Wanting something to be isn’t the same as the reality of being what it is!

    ASP.NET couldn’t be anything any home server user would ever need or want to use, in this life or another. That is unless your just a fanboi trying to hard sell the public into thinking ASP.NET is something you got to have, when all evidence tells you it’s NOT. Notice how the fanboi’s don’t have anything to offer but just personal attacks.

    That’s the best they can do, obviously. If they actually had something better, they wouldn’t need to defend it so rigorously in the first place. Instead, they would be able to demonstrate and show with proof and fasts just how easy it is, how it works better and cost less.

    If that wasn’t enough, just take a look on the Internet to compare how many websites are NOT using ASP.NET because their already found PHP to be faster, cheaper and easier to work and use. That speaks louder to me than any fanboi club only thinking about rants…

  41. Dave says:

    What does your daily routine look like?

    1. Get out of bed
    2. Eat breakfast
    3. Troll RSS feeds for anyone talking about Microsoft technologies and post replies about how they are just “fanbois” and how open-source technologies are superior in every way
    4. Sit back and bask in my own sense of self satisfaction, knowing that I have fought the good fight against Microsoft today, and the world is now a better place because of it.

  42. Liquidus Lennius says:

    I have been programming for nearly 30 years and have been dealing with MS’s crap .NET architecture for the last two. I am astounded that MS is allowed to get away with releasing such badly considered ‘tools’. A gridview where you can’t edit multiple rows or insert new ones. Very common business application functions like date manipulation, hiding identity columns, client side verification, accessing AD resources, opening child windows, are completely obscured by bad or nonexistent implementation. The demos on microsoft site are simply not acceptable data input or presentation for any company I’ve worked for – I find myself using gridviews to maybe present data and then using client side script to pop open a editing window that uses AJAX (real ajax, not the MS version) and stored procedures to do the data i/o, because microsoft’s data layer is a hideous buggy farce. I was using tools to do a better job than this in the early 90s for god’s sake! I mean, even given that under MS’s careful guidance the code is far from optimized either for speed or size, it is an absolute pig to learn to do anything with. They sell it by saying ‘you dont have to write a line of code’ which should be a warning for anyone with a gray cell left. Abstracting a TECHNIQUE into a function with ten thousand parameters is questionable at best, even if it was done by people with knowledge of actual, real world programming techniques, let alone Da Clownz.

    The only people defending M$ are the fanbois indeed, you sound like a bunch of high school kids defending their flipping VIC-20s against a VAX. If you only knew what ‘real programming’ was, you’d know what a bunch of defensive geeks you sound like. Nothing to do with ‘hating’ or ‘loving’ microsoft, or having political beliefs about communism or capitalism. Microsoft made a batch of cookies and they taste terrible, no one cares if you have some emotional attachment to that company.

  43. Judgeschambers a.ka. TheJudge says:

    Somebody make ..it….stop…please…………….there…..is …..no…..relevance…..to ….the…..thread…..topic………..

    If this was a forum it would be deleted and locked against further spam…….help….I’m …..fading fast…..

  44. Susan M. says:


    Another fanboi, whom only thinks to shut down comments, as this guy doesn’t have anything to offer. What’s ironic is how this website uses the open source code solution which was built for everyone for FREE, to allow them to have their say and post comments, blogs.

    WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL.

    Why doesn’t WHS support WordPress, as that would be something of value, letting “home users” have a method to host their own blogs!!!

    Not to mention, WordPress v2.5 is super easy even for first timer beginners, unlike ASP.NET.

    And YES, WordPress using XAMPP allows everyone for FREE to host their own blogs using Windows XP Home and Professional operating systems without needing a bloody server to do it.

    Real Proof and without denial of the FACTS…

  45. Yoyo Tokyo says:

    Interesting, how MSWHS uses WordPress that is built upon PHP and MySQL technologies, while promoting ASP.NET.

    Here’s a question, if ASP.NET is so blessed by the love of Microsoft fanboi’s praising how grand and great ASP.NET really is, then ask yourself why haven’t they actually used ASP.NET for their own Microsoft website endorsement?

    I’m glad MSWHS knows to use the better PHP method here, instead of it’s own ASP.NET. It’s a pity that them “fanboi’s” don’t get it.

    WordPress is yet another good script application example of how open source is better, freely available for all, and is way easier to work with, even for beginners.

    The only thing that is fading away is ASP.NET.

  46. Dave says:

    You’re really all the same person, aren’t you? The spelling og ‘fanboi’ gives it away.

    I can’t tell if you’re for real or not. Because this blog uses blog software based on PHP and MySQL, it shouldn’t be used to provide a guide on how to set up an ASP.NET website on a Microsoft Windows machine? Did you get all of the irony packed into that?

    Furthermore, you suggest that it’s Microsoft’s job to supply open-source (and arguable rival) technologies on WHS so that people might be able to set up their own BB and Blog with it?

    No, you’re not for real. You have to be joking.

  47. Judgeschambers a.ka. TheJudge says:

    Amazing how the Anti Posters seem to think we give two %*&#^# about a s p. I could care less. I don’t use it and don’t plan to. All I care about is WHS and hosting a web site on it. Choose whatever method you wish. That is what this thread is about. The post has nothing to do with pro or anti a s p. You guys started the propaganda hype and hijacked the thread. If it has no bearing to the thread, it should go.

    Man, I need to get into their propaganda group. I could talk some crap about nothing too. Thanks for ruining our thread to help people. Done adding fuel to this BS thread…..

  48. MountainMan says:

    You know I was not going to butt into this silly diatribe but as I was dropping off to sleep last night something occured to me.

    Have any of you gone and looked at the site that Phil says is pretty good? (http://whswebsite.googlepages.com/) I did. These two guys are saying they haven’t writen anything for a computer since Basic and Fortran. You’re talking back in the 1970’s.

    If these two guys can figure out ASP.NET by themselves, what is wrong with you guys that say “it’s too hard”?

  49. Oracle says:

    Just in case the gaggle of ranting honkers above, didn’t already notice, why is it that ASP.NET requires no less than a 7 part guide for WHS users if it’s just plain so simple and easy?

    For something so simple and easy, there sure are a lot of web pages telling how “ASP.NET sucks”.

    Google – 229,000 web pages
    LiveSearch (via Microsoft’s own) 312,000 web pages!

    With such high numbers against ASP.NET, in the hundreds of thousands, surely nobody is going to fall for this lame maneuver skirting around the reality of just how much ASP.NET really is just a run-of-the-mill product.

    You going to have to do a whole lot better than that, if you think anyone is going to fall for how Microsoft’s ASP.NET proprietary source code is anything but open, fair and most of all wanted by real customers.

    Even Oracle posted a comparison between ASP.NET and PHP 5 which provides even more insight.


    ASP.NET runs on IIS, which has been compromised innumerable times, as evidenced by IT news reports every other week. It has become such a liability, in fact, that in spite of all the marketing dollars spent on it, many IT professionals refuse to have their networks exposed with an IIS Web server.

    PHP, however, works with Apache, which has a proven track record of speed, reliability, and hardened security.

  50. Kevlin says:

    The latest incarnation of ASP, ASP.NET, is not even completely backward-compatible with it’s previous own versions of ASP!

    Then again, ASP.NET officially requires that you use IIS. Unfortunately, IIS has a long history of vulnerabilities!!!

    Whether these weaknesses are because of Microsoft’s ineptness or because IIS is a real red flag to hackers is irrelevant: Those systems have a history of being hacked and compromised.

    Just like WHS not supporting 64bit, well guess what, is there even a 64bit ASP.NET? Wait until September 2009?

    ASP.NET doesn’t provide you it’s source code either!!! 🙁

  51. Trent says:

    This note is to TheJudge, Dave, ttoomm, and all of the other people who come to this web site and just want to learn something new about Windows Home Server.

    Save yourselves some grief. Just ignore these trolls and ranters. There is no point in trying to reason with 2 year-olds. They just take up space and are a drain on the world’s oxygen supply. Don’t let them suck you into their twisted bizarro world.

    They all live in their parent’s basements wasting their parent’s money on junk food and boardband connections because they could not hack it in the real world. So they spend their time trolling web sites like this, venting their spleens on such triviality, in the vain attempt to give meaning to their pathetic lives.

    Just like the old parable – If a MS-hater rants on a web site or blog and no one responds, did the rant ever happen?
    (corollary: If a MS-hater rants on a web site or blog and no one responds, did he ever exist?)


  52. MountainMan says:


    Did you look at the guide? Did you even read the side bar on the webpage?

    Only one part of the seven turns up the website, 21 steps. Some steps are only 2 or three words long.

  53. Oracle says:


    Always interesting how some just live in denial. Take for instance how “ASP.NET runs on IIS, which has been compromised innumerable times, as evidenced by IT news reports every other week”. And low and behold, what did the Media report today?

    Only in that, ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Microsoft Web Servers got Hacked using Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers again!

    F-Secure, which has a very solid reputation in the security community, reckons that more than half a million servers have been hacked.

    Ask yourself, is this what you’re willing to praise Microsoft’s ASP.NET for?

    ASP.NET has a proven history of failures, being hacked and worse, having individuals cuddle and hug it, as if their child, no thanks to those fanboi’s working behind the scene to establish it.

    ASP.NET isn’t worth all the hassles, pains and cost, not to mention the lack of security inherent in it’s code to be saving or actually wanted…

    This Microsoft blog doesn’t even use ASP.NET, but a Linux server (nginx/0.6.26) using the FREE open source code “WordPress” software blogging application.

    Wouldn’t you think, if ASP.NET is so great and good, why in heaven would a blog website supporting Microsoft wouldn’t use Microsoft’s own software?

    Phillip’s Blog website is better for it, and it can only improve to offer NOT just Microsoft’s sad state of affairs. People want choices, it’s also good for business too.

    As long as those support an ALL proprietary source code monopoly, those individuals are always going to be dependent upon Microsoft to fix their own vaporware.

    Is it any wonder why Europe found Microsoft to be anti-competitive in it’s behavior? Billion dollar fines too.

    Don’t you expect better from Microsoft?

  54. Dave says:

    As posted in another post’s comments:

    What the news articles aren’t telling you is that poorly coded web applications are more at fault than any single IIS vulnerability. Any web application that accepts input but doesn’t sanitize it against SQL injection – be it written with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, CF, etc. – on any platform – Apache, IIS, etc. – is at risk, and indeed seems to be the actual vector of attack in the infections being reported.

    But of course the convenient and popular thing to do is to blame Microsoft.

  55. MountainMan says:


    Pretend you have a WHS Box and want a dynamic website, what do all you nay-sayers recommend?

    Remember, your software and OS cost cannot exceed $0.00.

    Recommendations, please? I’ll be happy to track down ttoomm and fastphoto. They already said they found ASP.NET difficult. What do we tell them to use on their WHS box?

  56. Shellback says:

    I just had to have my dog put down because of being attacked by another dog. A pitbull by the way. That is what everyone on this “hate MS” “forum??” sounds and acts like to me. Just a mad dog!

    FYI, all you doubter I just downloaded all seven parts yesterday and in 2 hours or less I had a functional website.

    Not that I liked the colors or how it looked BUT as I went through the part called “making it yours” or something like that, I was amazed at how easy it was from me. The addition of Forums and being able to take a Poll was line having your cake and eating it also.

    I guess my big problem was that I did not know how HARD it was to do according to the ranting and raving. If a 76 year old can do it, think how easy it would be for a 5 year old. You kids should try it and not condemn it.

  57. I Ronn Ick says:

    It is so simple, it comes down to this:
    http://www.mswhs.com is built on PHP/MYSQL,

    if ASP.NET is so wonderful, then why don’t you build your blog in the language you are promoting?

  58. xMs says:

    Why not Asp.Net?

    1) Being on Windows is too restrictive. Mono is a joke.

    2) Stability of the platform. Maybe a big corporation can get it to be stable, but it’s too complicated for most shops.

    3) Overly Complicate. The stack is too complicated. Vista and IIS 7 aren’t helping.

    4) Ability to influence the platform direction. Vendor Lock-in.

    5) Ability to fix bugs in the platform. Windows is closed source.

    6) Tools: Visual Studio is good IDE when it works. But it’s only good for Asp.Net coding. I need a more flexible IDE.

    6) Free Stuff. Nobody gives Asp.Net stuff away. And no large company produces anything. Its a bunch of crappy little companies that build crappy little “web controls”.

  59. MountainMan says:

    This really is so silly.

    Folks keep writing (or maybe it is a singular one folk) and bitching about ASP. Phil’s original post is about how to deploy a website on your WHS. ASP just happens to be the method because:
    1. ISS comes with WHS
    2. Microsoft make available FREE starter kits

    So answer my question of May 2nd or hush up.
    a) You have a zero budget
    b) you can’t (don’t know how) write a website in ANY language
    How would you tell these 6000 people who have visited these guys’ (Fastphoto & ttoomm) website to proceed?

  60. ttoomm says:


    I am one of the authors. I am writing to say that the link Phil has posted at the very top “Read the guide here” has been quite sick. Google killed their Google Pages and transferred the site to Google Sites. When they did this they also killed the ability to download any of the instructions.

    It is once again functional. Google is referring the URL to:
    which has been repaired.

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