Beta Home Computer Restore CD Available for Download

The Windows Home Server Team have a beta version of the Windows Home Server – Home Computer Restore CD available for download from the Microsoft Connect site. If you have not previously registered for the Windows Home Server Connect site, then you will need a Windows Live ID, and will need to follow the instructions on the Windows Home Server Connect home page to download.

This new dual boot version of the Home Computer Restore CD provides 2 options for restore depending on the amount of RAM that you have installed in the PC that you are trying to restore to, since the original Home Computer Restore CD did not work properly in some setups.

The final version of the Home Computer Restore CD (Dual Boot) will be part of the Power Pack 1 media refresh later this year, and will also be made available via the Microsoft Download Center to existing home server customers.

The team are asking that after you read the documentation if you can download and burn the ISO image to a CD to test the Windows Home Server – Home Computer Restore CD (Dual Boot) on your setup.

Taken from this WHS forum post.

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  1. John Miller says:

    Another B-E-T-A quality product for WHS! Must we test it for you? You mean, Microsoft cannot test it for themselves to know if it is going to work or NOT?

    What else can go wrong? No XP and Vista 64bit support? No Vista Bitlocker Support?

    And if your going to use a server, why the need for a Restore CD? No networking Agent?

  2. Don't Believe $M says:

    How many Monkeys does it take to get it right? Or rather, who wants to actually “TRUST” Microsoft to insure it will work?

    If the data corruption doesn’t get you, maybe the database inconsistency issue will succeed and even if not there’s always the Restore CD that can fail.

    And Microsoft fanboi’s are happy with that. Woot, woot!

  3. […] Windows home server – home Computer restore CD available for download from the Microsoft Connect …http://www.mswhs.com/2008/04/05/beta-home-computer-restore-cd-available-for-download/New backup and restore features in IBM Informix Dynamic Server, Version …… logical restore […]

  4. Vince says:

    I downloaded this but am not sure if it’ll help. During a windows update, my server was shut down via accidental power pull. Now it won’t boot into the usual log in, the connectors can’t find it, and it’s just stuck in the black screen right before the animated bootup.

    So the hardware is good, since the motherboard boot strap process completes, but the OS must be shot. How do I fix this?

  5. Howard Parr says:

    The new PC Restore CD loads the wrong drivers for the Realtek NIC in my Acer AspierOne netbook consequently killing my net connection – so I can’t get to the WHS to do a resotre. Alot of pepole have the sme problem. A lot of different solutions, but none of them worked for me so far…And Acer hasn’t got a clue what the WHS is.

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