Would you like Power Pack 1 sooner rather than later?

The Product Manager of the Windows Home Server Team Todd Headrick has posted a question over on the forums asking if you would like Power Pack 1 released prior to June 2008, the date when the Data Corruption fix is due.

With already over 100 replies to the question, the consensus seems to be yes mainly because of the Vista 64 bit support and for the ability to backup the server, amongst the other added benefits PP1 provides.

Here’s what Todd had to say:

We have always planned on holding the release of Power Pack 1 until we had the data corruption issue resolved.   The Power Pack 1 code was “put on the shelf” in early January, as the team switched focus to working on the data corruption issue.  There is some new functionality in Power Pack 1 like the ability to backup your Shared Folders to an external hard drive attached to your home server that some home server users have asked us to ship.  There also is some new remote access functionality (photo thumbnails, multi-file uploads), and a collection of fixes.

Knowing that the home server team has a current estimate of June, 2008 for the fix for the data corruption issue, do people believe that the team should “dust off” the Power Pack 1 code and release prior to a fix for the data corruption issue? 

So, do you want PP1 now or would you rather have the bug fix first? Leave your replies over on the Microsoft’s WHS forum.

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  1. Skandy says:

    I want to backup my backups (funny expression) now. So yes i’d like the PP1 to be released sooner rather than later.

  2. Donald says:

    Bugfix please! Who cares about extra features when your data is in limbo!

  3. JohnCz says:

    I post that I believe they shoud go ahead with releasing PP1 prior to the bug fix they are currently working on. The Server Backup to an external source capability alone is worth the upgrade. Not to mention there are some bug fixes.

  4. Hue says:

    Microsoft states anything you want to store in WHS, should be backed up, only without WHS PP1, there is no method provided to backup WHS. And we all know why we want to backup, in case Windows PC or WHS crashes, fails, gets infected and obviously for WHS data corruption as well.

    Just seems like the root problems in Microsoft software isn’t fixed here, it’s just another band aid applied over another to me.

  5. Cat says:

    I think it’s a shame that the I purchased Vista Ultimate 64bit and HP EX475 (WHS) which doesn’t work with supposedly the best Microsoft has to offer. Maybe I need to downgrade Vista like everyone else is doing just to get things working?

    WHS should have supported Vista Ultimate 64bit, and the fact that WHS PP1 isn’t going to be around until June 2008, sure doesn’t help me out for having bought HP EX475 in November 2007!

    Then there is this data corruption flaw that prevents me to be able to use WHS for what I had bought it for! I didn’t want an $800 broken backup device that doesn’t even backup itself.

  6. Lou Higgins says:

    How about what if any other programs are NOT affected by this WHS data corruption flaw? Being how almost every Microsoft software program, even the embedded Microsoft Windows Media Player leads to data corruption.

    So now we get a list of “WHAT NOT TO DO” when using WHS!

    WHS is actually becoming more of the “Don’t Do List” as time goes on, than when WHS beta testers were tinkering around!

    This only goes to show how FRAGILE WHS really is. Who wants to work with WHS glass?

    All show and no go!

  7. SP says:

    If pp1 is released in the next little while, look for another update around May then at the end of June I think MS will bail on WHS V1 and say they are going to concentrate on V2, the offering of pp1 is to pacifie and shut people up for a while, people we are being setup right now, the biggest clues are the time lines.

  8. Microsoft is trying a “feel good” approach to a serious flaw in a product that was obviously rushed to production. The data flaw has existed since the inception of WHS. As far as I’m concerned, using WHS now is a crap shoot. Why bother when you never know if using it will lose your data?

    Fix the bug and make WHS work with Vista (remote access) as is should have before it’s release!

  9. Ed says:

    Technically, you can backup WHS! Since WHS is based on windows 2003 and the connector software supports 2003 (tested and working), you can just buy a second WHS and backup WHS-1 to WHS-2 *sarcasm*

  10. Waiting For Relief says:

    Microsoft states anything you want to store in WHS, should be backed up, right?

    And yet, Joel Sider, senior product manager for WHS stated,
    “The server backup functionality won’t include the PC backup database — a separate data store on Home Server that keeps all the data from the PCs that home server is backing up every night.”


    “Pack 1 could be available end of April March 13, 2008” — Philip Churchill

    It’s now May 18th 2008, and we only have the rumor that PP1 will be released hopefully sometime around June 2008 via Microsoft. Is this the best we can expect to know for either PP1 or the proven data corruption design defect known as KB 946676?

  11. Parabellum555 says:

    When will the wait be over. Release the pack !

  12. Parabellum555 says:

    Clock is ticking for over 4 months now, the wait gets a bit irritating. How much longer do we have to work with corrupted files ? I wonder tbh, what the contrabution is in this way of asking the community what we want.

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