HP MediaSmart Server – Updating the SiS191 Network Adapter Driver

Do you have a HP MediaSmart Server and find that the network speed and throughput should not be as it should?

Then updating the SiS191 network adapter in Device Manager to the latest driver version should cure your problem. For the details including before and after performance graphs, see Rafeels not affiliated within Windows blog.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Thanks for interesting article regarding the obsolete SiS191 network adapter used in WHS by HP SmartMedia. So HP’s SmartMedia isn’t really so smart after all!

    I’m sure many individuals have experienced less-than-stellar network throughput using WHS like myself. I suppose this is what you get when Microsoft didn’t build from the ground level up their WHS platform. And no doubt it’s why WHS has the data corruption design flaw, being how this core technology was added in on top of Windows Server 2003.

    And everyone can see the result when Microsoft does build from the ground level up with Microsoft’s flagship Vista embarrassment.

  2. Zachary says:

    It appears even HP didn’t test it’s own HP MediaSmart Server as well. Just like Microsoft didn’t concern itself over KB 946676.

    Both wanted profits first and foremost. It’s always the money instead of the customer expectations. At least, Philip’s website is more open to share this with us. Thanks Philip for that!

  3. Derrick says:

    Is there any reason why a November 2007 HP MediaSmart Server needs a 11 month old driver?

    Remember, HP first sold their MediaSmart Server in November 2007! So why is the MediaSmart Server using a 2006 hardware driver!

    Is it so difficult for a major manufacture to offer a more reasonable up to date hardware driver, especially when it clearly works better, as Rafael had pointed out?

    That HP MediaSmart Server SiS191 network adapter hardware driver was sold using a December 20, 2006 driver in November 2007. Even still in April of 2008, it’s the same old driver being used.

    Still think HP cannot offer a more reasonable up to date driver?

    Should Windows Vista used 2006 video drivers then too?

    Step 1) go back and read Rafael’s article dude!

  4. Russell says:

    I would recommend doing the latest network driver before trying to enable and start RRAS as I had a lot of server lockups with the stock shipping driver and RRAS.

  5. August Javis says:

    Thank you for the information!

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