General Manager Charlie Kindel talks Windows Home Server

General Manager of Windows Home Server Charlie Kindel talks about what’s in Home Server for IT Pros on Microsoft’s Edge site. Charlie runs 5 servers at home, and had no problem integrating Home Server and its functionality. He talks about two guys, Jeff and Oliver, that don’t really exist, but that his team had in mind when they developed the product.  In this 29 minute video he talks about the current Home Server hardware offerings available and chats a little about the pros and cons of buying a Home Server off the shelf or building your own.

Home Server with Charlie Kindel – a real server, just smaller.

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  1. Michael Cecil says:

    Heh, it sounds like “at the end of the day” that old Charlie nuked a week and a half of his wife’s Outlook email and still doesn’t know what caused her problem so it’s likely to happen again.

  2. Terri says:

    I couldn’t download this video, as it doesn’t play fair. In order to watch the video Microsoft requires it’s own player, running Silverlight just to watch.

    I switched over to free open source code, and have never regretted it. Especially, when it comes to video playback.

    Microsoft’s own wmv’s often don’t playback or stumble, whereas when played back in VLC work fine.

    VLC Media Player

  3. Michael Cecil says:

    Microsoft’s various sites usually post their videos in a variety of formats, not just Silverlight (which AFAIK doesn’t work with FF1.5). I watched the hires WMV version with Media Player Classic (although I do have the WM9 codecs installed).

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