Expert Guide to Windows Home Server

Australian PC Authority

The Australian PC Authority website have a feature entitled the “Expert guide to Windows Home Server”. The 7 page article looks at the different features of WHS from the connector and console through to what the future holds for the software. A a walkthrough on hosting a photogallery using Andrew Grant’s Whiist add-in is also included.


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  1. Antonio says:

    Does it really require an EXPERT just to use WHS being how and all it’s marketed for the typical home user?

  2. Evan says:

    Not to mention by replacing the processor you will most definitely void your warranty.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    So grandma is going to tinker around WHS? Wasn’t WHS suppose to be ready as is? Hold on your saying, WHS isn’t sold to grandma’s right?

    Who then, mom’s? Or was that enthusiast’s who want missing features like Active Directory?

    Just who is WHS being marketed for then?

    Rich Hobbyist trying to prove WHS is a real server? Show me where WHS is used in business or government institutions?

    WHS isn’t what the public wants, by affording a high cost dumb down and broken buggy stay at home server!

    Check your sales… People are bring back their WHS products for refunds! HP is letting them do that for real!

  4. Marcus says:

    HP has informed me about WHS via email. How can WHS be ready for the public?

    Start ——–

    You should not directly open and/or edit files that are stored on the MediaSmart Server while doing any other activity such as large data transfers or media streaming. If you are doing a large data transfer or streaming and need to edit a file on the server, you should first copy the file over to a PC and then open it for editing.

    There are a few key applications that Microsoft has identified that can cause this issue when files are opened and edited directly from the server. However to be safe, HP recommends that you not open/edit files directly from the server until this fix is delivered.


  5. Nicholas says:

    After install the new and improved AMD CPU disk read and write performance was basically unchanged. In fact, the original AMD slower CPU was actually a bit faster in random seeks by 0.4% accordingly by the author.

  6. Greg Martin says:

    ok, the whole buggy mutliple drive managemet thing sucks but its generally good practice to edit locally and store centrally isn’t it? Certainly makes sense if you use it over a wireless link as I do since its difficult to produce software that can cope with someone microwaving pop tarts whilst your saving the big report for tomorrow.

    This isn’t to excuse the inexcusable but lets have some perspective

  7. Benjamin says:

    What’s the purpose of having a SERVER if you only intend to edit your files locally (statically)?

  8. Vincent says:

    Wasn’t the whole idea of having a server for centralized storage to be dynamic?

    The perceptive “Greg” is in that Microsoft has a broken and proven design flaw in it’s WHS Drive Extender code, that’s needing to be fixed. Plain and simple.

    Need everyone wait until June 2008 to have this fixed? That’s the inexcusable glitch here!

  9. Victoria says:

    What’s even more inexcusable is how Microsoft failed to address this data corruption issue during the beta stage!

    If that wasn’t bad enough, how did so many of Microsoft’s own software applications manage to slip by unnoticed or detected when the issue was a fundamental core design flaw of WHS?

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
    Microsoft Money 2007
    Microsoft Office Excel
    Microsoft Digital Image Library
    Microsoft Windows Vista Photo Gallery
    Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery
    Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
    Microsoft Office OneNote 2003
    Microsoft Windows Media Player 11
    Microsoft Zune Software
    Microsoft Virtual PC 2008
    Microsoft Project 2000
    Microsoft SyncToy 2.0 Beta

    Didn’t Microsoft test any of their own software? That’s what’s so inexcusable! In addition to the long over delay resolution as well!

  10. Samuel T. says:

    I would add that what I find to be so inexcusable in how Microsoft is still selling Windows Home Server multiple hard drive units knowing their are risk for data corruption!

    Warning labels needs to be put on every WHS product that sell this product. Even the single drive units so the owners knows not to upgrade with additional memory storage later!

    Shame on Microsoft for selling a proven design flawed product that risk their customers data with corruption! This causes harm so it’s not just a bug issue, or as if no harm done.

  11. Samuel T. says:

    Correction – “I would add that what I find to be so inexcusable is in how Microsoft is still selling Windows Home Servers with the multiple hard drive configurations knowing how they are at risk for data corruption!”

  12. Stacy says:

    It’s ironic, how could Microsoft with so much money, experts and an industry behind itself, still not be able to just fix WHS data corruption flaw?

    Do we really need an expect telling us how to use WHS, and at the same time hearing from Microsoft the many “don’t dos” or suffer data loss!

    Then what does Microsoft do, but decides top priority is more important to off WHS PP1 for Vista 64bit support. Mean while all of us using WHS now suffer with this inexcusable design flaw!

    Is that anything anyone using WHS would be happy about?

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