7 Terabyte Hard Drives Compared & Tested

If you are building or upgrading your own Windows Home Server then enthusiast site ExtremeTech could be of use to you. In their Storage Showdown they compare 7 Terabyte Hard Drives and put them through their paces.

For those of you wanting a spoiler the Samsung Spinpoint F HD103UJ Terabyte Hard Drive got an impressive 10 out of 10 closely followed by the Western Digital WD10EACS One Terabyte Hard Drive with a 9 out of 10


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  1. WHS Fan says:

    Whoa! I want one of those 7 TB drives! Oh wait, you mean seven of the 1 TB drives were reviewed. My bad.

  2. Brandon says:

    It’s worse than that, it means 7 of the additional 1TB HDD’s is at risk of experiencing the more than famous WHS Drive Extender data corruption design flaw dude!

    See the Microsoft KB 946676 for the details…

  3. Joseph says:

    Why would anyone want to risk all their data on one hard drive? Nobody ever heard of hard disk failure before? It’s better to use multiple hard drives and mirror your data, unless you know for a FACT, when your hard drive is going to fail. Do you? Are you so sure, 100%?

    And until Microsoft fixes KB 946676 WHS DE design flaw, that leads to data corruption, what data do you want to risk working with in WHS for whatever? Unless it’s worthless to you to begin with.

    Sorry, but I am NOT accepting data corruption to be just okay for me to cope and deal with here. How about you?

    Or better yet, when you lose your data, photos, videos, financial data and anything you regard to be of value, don’t come crying back here, when you could speak up now and get Microsoft to actually fix this sooner than later!

  4. Tyler says:

    I’m sure some Fanboi’s will flamebait the above, but you know, even if the data corruption only happens to a few, would you like to be one of those suffering?

    Then again, what 10% or even 1% part of your data would you want to sacrifice to data corruption?

    Why NOT just get Microsoft to fix their problem, which is your problem if you’re actually using WHS.

  5. WHS Fan says:

    Actually the data corruption bug doesn’t affect single drive systems, so yes, in this case you might be better off with one large drive.

    I’m going lightly on my WHS waiting patiently for the corruption fix. In any case it is prudent to have multiple backups of your data. Perhaps putting one or two of these TB drives in an external case and using them as rotating offsite backups makes sense…. 🙂

  6. Daniel says:

    The moment you add another hard drive, that’s opening you up to the KB 946676 data corruption proven design flaw of WHS Drive Extender software code.

    You’re just like many other WHS users wanting to add more memory storage. Why would anyone want to buy a only a $$$ one hard drive backup system? That doesn’t even back itself up (the WHS OS).

    And nobody should have to pick between hardware failure or data corruption too! That’s not going to be enthusing for home server users at all!

  7. Jeremy says:

    Isn’t WHS suppose to be a server and NOT just a backup appliance?

    Then again, Microsoft didn’t come clean to begin with, as this issues was reported during the beta period and yet was sold with this design flaw.

    But wait, even when Microsoft coughed up that fur ball about 2 programs experiencing data failure, they added 5 and the lsit keep G-R-O-W-I-N-G to the point just about everything is now at risk.

    Who’s to believe that backup files are totally safe or immune here?

    What about unscheduled WHS reboots, as it was reported that also causes all your B-A-C-K-U-P files to get corrupted at once….

    See below article:

  8. Derrick says:

    Does it matter that “yours” if you even have a PC, would actually appear to be without any issues for an “unscheduled reboot” or for the fact other individuals are having problems with their Microsoft operating systems?

    Just because you claim, you don’t have so far any issues, doesn’t change the fact that other individuals do and are experiencing issues.

    And if we go by your method, using your system, is that going to insure on our PC systems to be without any issues? Are you really willing to stand behind this and refund everyone else for it?

    Take Vista for example, installing Vista SP1 has already caused endless rebooting. For those customers, do you think they consider this to be without a glitch?

  9. Peter says:

    There are times when Windows just locks up, halts, hangs and at times the famous blue screen of death occurs. Nobody can say Windows for any version is without these issues.

    What a lot of folks might not understand is how complex the software code was written to discourage others from learning, from understanding and most of all to prevent them from sharing and copying.

    Why else or how else do you explain why with every version coming out of Microsoft, it’s software operating system, that only increase in size rather then streamlined efficiency?

    Then there is the other matter, in that with Microsoft software it’s never a true standard.

    Do we need another Silverlight?

    How about Open XML file format (OOXML), by which Microsoft seeks to displace ODF?

    Or Microsoft’s “XAML” markup language which is designed from the ground up to be dependent on Windows.

    Microsoft’s strategy has been extend, embrace, extinguish!

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