New Add-In will Integrate MCE and WHS

Microsoft employee Steve Lindsay passion in his spare time is Media Center and Home Server, so it makes sense that Steve is about to go into beta with a MCE Home Server Manager application, which does the following:

  1. Simple install.
  2. Move recordings to Windows Home Server drive on scheduled intervals.
  3. The ability to configure file types moved (i.e. commercial skip files etc).
  4. The ability for the application to automatically cleanup files which the corresponding recordings no longer exist for (i.e. commercial skip files).
  5. The ability to move recordings from multiple locations.
  6. The ability to configure the watched folders in media center (thus letting you add the Windows Home Server recorded TV share).

This is good news as the current manual way of doing this takes some time and configuration. Once the beta is available Steve will make it known on his blog which is available here and here.

Steve is also interviewed this week on The Media Center Show Podcast about his home Media Center setup and the custom developments he has been working on.

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  1. Daniel Bates says:

    Richard’s instructions never really worked well for me in the beta, and it was too fiddly/intrusive for me to try on my live WHS box. I can’t describe how excited I am about the possibility of this, which sounds much more polished – thanks Steve!

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