Brendan Grant Joins the WHS Team

Congrats to Brendan Grant from the blog I Hate Linux which we have mentioned a few times here at mswhs.com. He joins the Windows Home Server team from March 24th in Redmond as a Software Development Engineer.

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  1. Ryan says:

    So the only way to promote “Windows” is to “Hate Linux”?

    Is this how “Windows” is able to stand up? At least Linux is affordable and FREE for the majority unlike high cost and buggy code (BSOD) Windows…

    Windows is a disposable product, you don’t upgrade, it’s replace the code. Think next time you invest your money, would you want to get a return, or do you prefer to spend?

    95, 98, 2000, ME, XP and now Vista… See the pattern!

    Linux is an investment, you get to improve the source code.

    Windows makes you spend your money and prevents you from improving the software (code)…

    That’s why everyone is waiting for Microsoft to provide the much need fix for WHS KB 946676 data corruption flaw, which hasn’t been fixed at all, for over a year now…

    Unlike Windows, Linux doesn’t require it’s CEO’s to become billionaires…

    Microsoft is only a monopoly concerned about making lot’s money for it’s shareholders… Vista DRM = $$$

    If you cannot see that, then how about proving how Microsoft is open and shares it’s source code for public review?

    Let’s see the source code!!!

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