Add-In: Vista Caller-ID

The Vista Caller-ID WHS Add-in is designed specifically for Windows Home Server networks that include one or more Vista Caller-ID client machines.

Vista Caller-ID 1

Vista Caller-ID is an on-demand Caller ID log file aggregator add-in where the Caller ID history is centrally stored on the WHS Caller ID database with basic but useful features such as sort and find and of course remote access, where you may check a missed call from work or on the road.

Some key features of the Vista Caller-ID WHS Add-in include:

  • Integrates seamlessly with the WHS Console
  • Centralized Caller ID history management
  • Remotely view Caller ID information
  • On-demand aggregation (low-resource footprint)

Vista Caller-ID 2

To use this add-in you need a:

  • Caller ID service provided by local telephone company or compatible VoIP
  • Caller ID capable hardware / drivers (client PC running Vista Caller-ID)

Currently available in beta you may request a copy from the developer’s site


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  1. Laurant says:

    Thank you for posting this. I requested the beta and i got a really quick response. I am now up and running it is working with AT&T.

  2. Hi Laurant,
    Glad we could be of service.

  3. Marc says:

    I would to see the Vista caller-Id ported to WHS. Since I keep all my PCs sleeping and my WHS is on 24/7 it would only make sense to have WHS loging the the calls. I would have a use for WHS logging the calls then I would create a add in for Media center so you can sit down in your living room and review the calls on your TV.

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