New Windows Home Server case from Owltech – Or is it?

The OWL-PCCHS is a new Windows Home Server case from Owltech which can take 4 hard drives and a Mini-ITX motherboard. But it looks exactly the same as the ES34069 chassis from Chenbro which we looked at here. Perhaps they are the manufacturer of the case?



More info and pics.

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  1. Terrence says:

    That is definitely the Chenbro case.

  2. Craig says:

    Anyone know where this case is for sale at? I would love to build a WHS box with it.


  3. Hi Craig,
    Cannot find a source as yet but try the link above to the Chenbro version.

  4. Grahamwise says:

    Looks to be 4 hot swap (IDE i think) either way IDE or SATA doesnt matter, limited to 4 hot swap completely defeats the purpose….I have an Asus MPU Series board… home system (not server) features 8 hot plug Sata and up to 4 drives on IDE and 2 more for extension not to mention the 12 USB ports I have which can equal a total 26 drives if i had the controller card and power supply, I am not impressed, If you want a server, simply build a real one, this is nothing more then a glorified desktop with extreme network capabilities…total fail

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