Add-In: OnTheFlyUnzipper Updated

The German Home Server Blog has the details that developer Alexander Köplinger has updated his add-in OnTheFlyUnzipper for January (2008). The add-in allows you to zip up (or rar) hundreds of files together and upload them to your Windows Home Server. The add-in will then automatically uncompress the files. Saving you time, bandwidth and of course megabytes within your upload.

The updated version includes the following:

  • Sub-folders are now  monitored
  • GUI is more user-friendly
  • Ability to start / stop the service
  • Button in the settings for backup / restore
  • Changes to the source code

The add-in and an English PDF users guide can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Michael J Weldon says:

    The add-in that I downloaded from here is not an update. It is exactly the same version that I was formerly using. Apparently the author has not updated the link for the actual app but has updated the link for the instructional PDF.

  2. Michael J Weldon says:

    I checked again today and the correct version of this app is now available! Thank you Alexander for your efforts to quickly fix the linkand the great add on!

  3. Hi Michael J Weldon,
    Thanks for the update.

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