Would you need a Home Server if you were, say, a better mother?

The Windows Server Solutions division of Redmond’s Microsoft is producing a 24-page children’s book, Mommy, Why Is There a Server in the House? that will be sold on Amazon.com.

While Microsoft plans to distribute the children’s book at events, it hopes that people will purchase a copy on Amazon.com. “It’s designed for the technical enthusiast,” said Steven VanRoekel, senior director, Windows Server Solutions Group, Microsoft. “We can’t just produce T-shirts anymore and hand them out at shows.”

The book is the same title, but a longer version of the one displayed on Stay-At-Home Servers which today added another video entitled Home Sweet Server where a reporter interviews a family about why they bought a home server by asking them increasingly inappropriate and insulting questions. At one point he says to the mother, “You think your family would need a home server if you were, say, a better mother?”

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  1. Bill says:

    This is really nice!

    Windows Home Server comments are deleted, except when it favors only propaganda to influence buying our products.

  2. James J. says:

    One Response to “Would you need a Home Server if you were, say, a better mother?”

    How about would anyone buy WHS if they heard the truth from end users instead of marketing from within Microsoft?

  3. Kevin K. says:

    This advertising is targeting young impressible children by telling children that parents love each other to BUY WHS, and everyone else how is against you, is against your loving daddy and mommy. In fact, this propaganda speaks about children peers as jealous deep down inside of your WHS!

    See you for yourself…



    Will WHS be the same, as like all Microsoft products, needing patches, updates and service packs constantly to insure the products continues to function?

    That might be why Microsoft has decided to target young children to pressure their parents into buying WHS, as WHS isn’t a “REAL SERVER” after all?

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone.

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