Wiring for a Windows Home Server Network

Scott Hanselman’s has written a series of articles on his blog on wiring for a new Windows Home Server network. Scott’s articles start with some Q&A’s followed by why you should use Cat6 cable and not Cat5. Other useful info includes why you should enable Gigabit Jumbo Frames using the NIC Driver Level settings for improved transfer speed amongst many more great info .

Wiring the new house for a Home Network
Wiring the new house for a Home Network – Part 2 – Design Q&A
Wiring the new house for a Home Network – Part 3 – ISP Hookup
Wiring the house for a Home Network – Part 4 – Thank You Cat 6 Gigabit Ethernet
Wiring the house for a Home Network – Part 5 – Gigabit Throughput and Vista

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  1. brian says:

    Obviously WHS isn’t sold as a Wifi Server, making home users install wired cables…

    Assuming you own your own home, and don’t mind drilling holes in walls, most of us will prefer wireless solutions.

    Not only does wireless solution do the job, but you can take them with you, unlike walls of holes filled with cables. Wireless allows any place anytime anywhere methods…

    Your home can benefit to use wireless systems, as you walk it follows you, such as displaying real time video.

    Wired cables are like spider webs compared to wireless system like free flying soaring birds. Wired cables work when everything has been deployed with a high cost to an isolated location, whereas wireless connectivity doesn’t require an isolated location to be offer only, and unlike wired cables, wireless systems support more ports, and devices to be connected at once, making plug and play more friendly.

    An example, the old days, you only got one printer port. The new method is to connect multiple printers via USB which supports hundreds of printers if needed to one PC or to many shared over a local area network by other computers.

    Now comes cable free USB, offering yet another advantage over wired cables…

    And last, installing more cables can actually cause an electrical file! Unless you load balance your wired cables, so as to cancel the harmonics…

    WHS should offer WiFi 802.11.n connectivity!

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