Web Review Roundup

Five more reviews from around the World Wide Web regarding our Windows Home Server:

  1. Microsoft’s Windows Vista Blog has a post entitled Rolling out Windows Home Server with a HP MediaSmart Server, which details using Vista with the HP MediaSmart Server.
  2. PC World Magazine online has an article entitled Microsoft’s Best New OS (Hint: It’s Not Vista) by Tom Mainelli. Who concludes by saying: “I can’t imagine not having one–a clear sign that it’s filling a need in my geek household.”
  3. Popular tech blog Connected Internet has a write up detailing why the writer went from the NASLite software over to Windows Home Server.
  4. Greg Hughes details his HP Windows Home Server – My first couple of days – A quick review after buying one online from CompUSA.
  5. TrustedReviews.com have a comprehensive 4 page write up on the Tranquil T7-HSA Home Server. The full review is available to read here.

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  1. who is philip?i hope you will write more about this!@

  2. Hi Entertainment News,
    Philip is me, the writer/compiler of this blog.

  3. It is writed above the title: “By Philip Churchill on December 08th, 2007” 🙂

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