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A welcome to new site MyHomeServer.com dedicated to following the home server revolution. I practically like their tutorial, Upgrading the RAM on your HP MediaSmart Server. Welcome aboard guys!

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  1. Jim B says:

    Philip, I tested the Beta WHS and never did get Vista Ultimate x64 to connect so I went back to using Ultmate as a central storage box. I have some questions about the hard drives in WHS. Example….you have a box with 2 hard drives 80 & 500 gb, were is WHS going to install? If you only have a 80 gb at the time of installing WHS and you later install 2 500gb drives, then 6 months later the 80gb drive dies can you put another 500 gb in place of the 80 gb, or do you need to reinstall the WHS OS? If you need to reinstall the OS will WHS format the other 2 500gb in the box? if so, you lose all back up data. Let me know.
    Thanks Jim B

  2. Hi Jim B,
    With a 80GB and 500 GB in a Home Server it is best to install WHS onto the 500GB drive. To your second question if the 80GB dies and the server OS was installed to that drive then you would re-install using the upgrade option, keeping your data intact. If the 80GB dies and it did not have the OS on it then you would just replace it using the Server Storage tab in the console. In both cases you would not lose your data.

  3. Jim B says:

    Phillip C,
    WHS did not meet my expectation, the OS on the 80 gb was replaced with a 320 gb, I did get a “restore server” but when it was all done ( about a hour ) I lost the user accounts in the console.Everything was there, I could not open any share folders, ( did not have the rights ) any suggestions? I readed something about a “build primary” when does that take place?
    Thanks Jim

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