avast! Windows Home Server Edition: Antivirus Protection for WHS Released

As reported earlier avast! Windows Home Server Edition, the antivirus solution for WHS is now available.


Once installed, you just need to configure once (if you want to change the default settings) and your Home Server will be protected against the latest and legacy virus, malware, trojan and spyware risks.


The of the features include:

  • Full on-access scanning – which scans files as you access them, to make sure they are safe from infection
  • On-demand scanning – for scheduled or ad-hoc scans of your system volumes
  • Virus Chest – a safe storage place for infected or suspected files, where they cannot harm your system
  • Fully automatic updating – of the program and virus definitions
  • Full scanner preference control – set avast! to work in the way you want
  • Integrates seamlessly with the WHS Console
  • Allows for easy management of all avast! installations running on your home network


A 60 day trial version is available from here and the current price to purchase is $ 39.95 (£24.95) for a 1 year licence.
Currently a 25% discount is available (before tax), which makes the final purchase price as $35.65 (£22.26).

More info from avast!

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  1. Nick Radisic says:

    I read that the Avast software had some issues, so i did some more research. Since I use the AVG 7.5 Network Edition Anti-Virus on my company’s SBS 2003 RS and have not had a single issue in two years…I decided to download and install the same Windows 2003 Server Anti-Virus on my Home Server. It has only been two days, but so far it works just as well as it has on my company’s Small Business Server. Just and FYI as another option to Avast….and very reliable one.

  2. Hi Nick Radisic,
    Thanks for your suggestion. We have more info on AVG 7.5 Network Edition Anti-Virus available here.

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