WHS Update Package Resolves Lots of Issues

We have an exclusive for you. An update package is available for Windows Home Server that address a massive 7 issues, a few of which are/were major ones. The security certificate error in a web browser has finally gone. Data files which contain alternate data streams (ADS) which can potentially become corrupted when copied to shared folders on WHS has also been resolved and Microsoft Money backup files can now be stored on Home Server without an issue.

The full list of fixes included in the one update package include:

Trusted certificate availability

  • You will no longer receive certificate warnings in the Web browser when you access your Web site by using an external URL.

Remote Access configuration

  • The Remote Access configuration within the Windows Home Server Console will display a misleading message if the router’s UPnP settings are disabled. This message will be updated after you apply this update package.

Home computer backup technologies

  • A Delete All command button has been added to the Backup tab on the Windows Home Server Console Settings page.
  • Files on the computer may not be successfully backed up if the latest successful backup is marked as “deletion.” has now been addressed.

Shared folders and server storage

  • Data files that contain NTFS alternate data streams may be corrupted on a Windows Home Server computer has been addressed.
  • You may receive an inconsistent notification when a hard disk that is installed in or connected to a Windows Home Server computer fails. This problem is resolved after you apply this update package.
  • Windows Home Server Drive Extender may not update read-only attributes from the master shadow to the alternate shadow. Therefore, Microsoft Money backup files may not be successfully stored in Windows Home Server shared folders. This problem is resolved after you apply this update package.

We expect this to be available as an automatic download for Windows Home Server from the Windows Update site from some time next week.

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  1. Philip,

    Love the news – especially about the Money files. You mention backups specifically but how about the main data file – can it be stored and accessed from a shared directory now?

  2. Hi Windows Observer,
    The main data file can not be stored and accessed from a shared directory as yet, but who knows what later updates will bring.

  3. Dick Watson says:

    I’ve been running a testcase now for a week where I edit my “production” Money data on local storage and a test copy thereof on the WHS \users\[me] share. So far, I haven’t seen any problems besides abysmal performance from the WHS store. This is using M+. I still wouldn’t recommend storing a production Money data file on a WHS share, but I haven’t yet seen a repeatable problem.

    I’ve turned off auto-update for the moment so that I can know when this one gets applied. But that brings me to a big question: is there any way to find out what updates have been applied via the auto-updater and/or Update Now in WHS? (Similar to the installation history in WinUpdate.)

  4. Hi Dick Watson,
    Keep us informed of your testing. You can find out which updates have been installed but not from the console. You would have to remote desktop into the server and check via All Programs, Windows Update and under Options on the left hand side click Review Your Update History.

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