WHS Full-Featured Print Server Support?

Gadget site Gizmodo have an article entitled, The Windows Home Server Nitty – Gritty.

What caught my eye was the following:

…Microsoft’s current plan is to provided two releases a year on a major/minor cycle, with the first minor release coming some time in early 2008.

Among the features they’re considering adding is full-featured print server support—something that’s more difficult than expected thanks to printer manufacturers’ insistence on distributing drivers with 200MB management suites that ask you whether you want to buy more ink every time you start up. But yes, more features are coming.

The full write up is available to read here.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    I can’t imagine how Microsoft will get around the mega print driver/software suites. Are we talking about a new category of print drivers?

  2. Cal says:

    There’s always a directory on the install CD’s for ‘Drivers’, so just point the server to that. Works for me on Windows Server 2003, so it should work with WHS.

    Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

  3. Hi JohnCz and Cal,
    Additional install information for installing printer drivers can be found here.

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