Vista x64 to be announced at CES

Terry Walsh has confirmed that a release date for the x64 Vista Connector software will be made at the international CES show on January 8th (2008). This was also the information that was given via Microsoft and HP representatives during the Q&A session at the latest HP MediaSmart Server Webcast. HP also stated that they would announce availability of the MediaSmart Server to other regions of the world including Canada and Spain at CES too.


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  1. […] (2008). This was also the information that was given via Microsoft and HP representatives … mswhs.com/2007/11/30/vista-x64-to-be-announced-at-ces/ MS Windows Home Server […]

  2. Nick Easton says:

    Is it unsafe to assume that this will also work in my XPx64?

  3. Crash2975 says:

    Nick, that is correct. The connector is for Vistax64 only due to differences between the OS (as reported by Terry Walsh on http://www.wegotserved.co.uk/)

  4. Nick Easton says:

    Gotcha: well, maybe I can use the forthcoming SyncToy to back up to the WHS occasionally…

    (The only reason I use x64 is that it is required to run my SATA RAID server because of the 2tb limit of Windows…didn’t have WHS a year ago…)

  5. Hi Nick Eaton,
    You do release that WHS does not have that 2TB limit?

  6. dave campbell says:

    Boy, what is MS’s position on XP X64? I am running it and love it. I hope MS is not going to leave us XP X64 users in the dust.
    When will there be a connector for XP X64? I have been using it on my XP boxes and love it, but w/o XP X64 support, I am not willing to make the change from my Ghost backup solution.



  7. Hi dave campbell,
    Unfortunately there will not be a x64 connector for XP. It will only be available for Vista.

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