View your Security Cameras on Home Server

Digital video surveillance software company WiLife, has announced that their PC-based security software package, Command Center Software Version 2.1 is compatible with Windows Home Server.

Their Video Security System was created by industry veterans to provide a fully integrated, easy to use and easy to set up security system for homes and small businesses. Windows Home Server offers an additional layer of security to the WiLife system by providing a central storage hub and automatic daily backups of security video archives.

The Command Center Software enables you to fully leverage and manage your video security with built-in features like motion based recording, free remote viewing from any Internet connection and real-time text and email alerts with video attachments. It also also fully integrates with the Windows Mobile platform for remote viewing of up to six simultaneous video streams from any Windows Mobile device.

It enables you to see what’s going on in and around your home or small business from anywhere at anytime, and more importantly you are able to review recorded video of what happened while you were or are away.

WiLife also offers a variety of high resolution digital video cameras that include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and spy cameras. Simply select a starter system which includes one camera, the Command Center software, and HomePlug receiver, and then expand the system by purchasing additional cameras, all of which have mix-and-match interoperability.

The award-winning PC-based WiLife Video Security System is the world’s first affordable, professional-grade video security system that is easy to install. WiLife’s advanced security technology delivers high-end features such as free remote viewing from any Windows cell phone or Internet browser, motion based recording, quick search and playback of recorded video, customizable alerts and mix-and-match smart IP cameras.

Download WiLife Command Center 2.1

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