Trusted Certificate from Microsoft Street Value $100 5 Year Expiration Date – FREE

As previously posted the update due on Tuesday November 27th will amongst many other things improve the remote access experience for Windows Home Server users by providing them with a “trusted SSL certificate” for their home servers. That means customers will be able to access their home server from outside the home without any security warnings being generated by the web browser.  GoDaddy, a leading provider of Web domain addresses, is the provider of the free trusted certs which have a 5 year expiration date with a street value of $100 – all for free!

More details on GoDaddy’s SSL Certificate’s are available in the PDF guide Why you need a SSL Certificate.

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  1. Jason Seibel says:

    It would be nice for someone to explain how to get it.

  2. Hi Jason Seibel,
    Clicking on the “previously posted” link above takes you to a post that explains the details. It will be available as part of November’s update package via Windows Update.

  3. RussM90210 says:

    I can’t get my HP Mediasmart Server’s remote access to work with my AT&T Uverse service. Uverse uses a 2wire646 modem. I have opened ports 80,443, and 4125. I can’t seem to forward them to the right ip address, however.

    AT&T tried to help me but we can’t get it to work.

    Can somebody walk me through the step by step process of configuring the router to work with remote access?

    BTW, the remote login is set up through windows live ID.


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