Technical Brief for Home Computer Backup and Restore


Technical Brief for Home Computer Backup and Restore is another technical brief from Microsoft for Windows Home Server. This 26 page PDF document provides an in-depth look at the features and functionality of WHS Home Computer Backup and Restore complete with an overview of the backup process along with it’s features, functionality and benefits.

Backup and restore are covered in depth showing us how it is implemented and how backups are stored. We are shown how to do a restore for both individual files/folders and for a complete PC as well. A great tip included in this white paper is how to save and restore a copy of the backup database in case you lose a single hard drive.

PDF download from here.

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  1. I’ve been trying to get the update early from Microsoft (since it should be in the hotfix library). Finally got someone on support to say they sent me a link to it. Of course, my inbox is empty, and I’m looking at another 45 minute call to Microsoft to probably get the same treatment.

  2. Of course, right after posting this, Microsoft sent me a reply saying that the update has been postponed until the 27th… in other words, they’re either barring MSDN/TechNet access, or they’re still testing it and it’s not as finished as they’re leading on.

  3. Hi Christopher Price,
    The KB Article went up early and the update won’t be released until the 27th November which is its release date. Hope this helps.

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