Sync Add-In – Coming Soon

Many of you are using the free SyncToy from Microsoft. A utility for copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories between a Windows XP or Vista machine and WHS.

Eric Maurer plans to integrate this great tool into an add-in for Windows Home Server that will:

  • Open Microsoft SyncToy directly from the console
  • View and Run Folder Pairs from the console
  • Open Scheduled Tasks from the console
  • Run and manage Scheduled Tasks from the console


Stay tuned for more information.

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  1. Yves says:

    That’s great! I look forward to try it!

  2. Ben says:

    That is so cool. If I want to use SyncToy now with my HP ex470 how do I install the current version on the media server? Without a direct monitor output on the HP I don’t see the start menu on the ex470.

  3. Hi Ben,
    You would have to remote desktop into the server machine from your XP/Vista computer.

  4. lars says:

    That´s great! !!!

  5. Hi Iars,
    Yes I can’t wait till this add-in is available.

  6. P says:

    Fantastic! Now all we need is Microsoft to Fix the Data Corruption bug so we can use this add-in without the fear of destroying our data 🙂

  7. Just The Facts... says:

    MS lists SyncToy 2.0 Beta in the evil corruption list, but what about other versions – like 1.4? What version of SyncToy does this Add-In use?

    I wish they would publish how to reproduce the bug so that I can test these kind of things in Virtual PC.

  8. Allen Coleman says:

    It is now June, 2008. Is this synchronization add-in available yet?

  9. GeoBlank says:

    It is now 2009… Beuler…

  10. ck says:

    Doesn’t seem like it will ever come out, unfortunately.

  11. koen says:

    It is a shame that it isn’t brought out..

    I am using allwaysync in the background now but this addin would have been beautiful..

  12. dolphinsball says:

    Let’s finish this up or get the mesh.com people to create something. One or the other please…

  13. EddyKilowatt says:

    Another vote to get a decent sync add-in (does not have to be SyncToy) working with WHS. I have read that the WHS filesystem (Drive Extender in particular) can be tough on sync apps.

  14. Mercury Venus says:

    Would love to see this add-in, but looks like Eric started a new job in 2008 which doesn’t allow him time to develop new add-ins. Looks like he stopped developing “Sync Add-In” when the current version of SyncToy was in it’s beta stage, see the “Sync Add-in” link below. I would love to see someone else pick up this idea…

    Eric’s Homepage:

    Sync Add-In Project Page

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