Streaming21 & WNC Revitalize Digital Lifestyles With WHS

Streaming21, the world leader in broadcast-quality streaming solutions; WNC (Wistron NeWeb Corporation), a global leader in wireless communications, IPTV and the Microsoft Embedded Sever team, will present their fully-integrated, end-to-end digital home solutions December 5-7 at IPTV World Forum Asia in Singapore. The live demo is a warm-up event for a worldwide product launch aimed at connecting the digital home with the networked world via must-have “killer” applications, based on Microsoft Home Server.

WNC’s powerful set-top box and reliable server hardware plus Streaming21’s innovative Home Entertainment Server are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Home Server and Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, making it easy to add or expand applications. The unique Home Sever acts as the central control center for digital home entertainment, automation, surveillance and communication applications. The innovative platform makes ubiquitous access of killer applications for the digital home a market reality. The platform enables media display on TVs and provides an easy management system for personal content through the PC.

The demonstration will showcase the revolutionary platform enabling digital home “killer apps” on IA and home devices through wired and wireless IP networks. It will also demonstrate a new generation of Web 2.0 concepts that are inspired by the universal desire to create community and share personal content on TV with friends and family through easy web-based management. Other key features include Digital Home Theater, Movie Rental, Video on Demand (VOD) with trick play capability, Personal Video Recorder (PVR), Photo Bank, and Real-Time Information Dashboard (RSS: News, Weather, Stocks, Photo Albums, and more).

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  1. Wow, this sounds awesome. I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Hi Craig Huggart,
    It does sound good. When I get more info I shall make sure I post it here.

  3. Nathan says:

    This certainly does sound interesting!!

  4. […] alongside Digital Home Alliance December 15, 2007 — Philip Churchill We reported back in November of a live demo taking part in Singapore which was a warm-up event for a worldwide product launch […]

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