November Update Package for WHS

We posted yesterday about a update package from Microsoft that is going to cure most of the remaining problems that some users were experiencing with Windows Home Server:

  • You will no longer receive certificate warnings in the Web browser when you access your Web site by using an external URL.
  • Data files that contain NTFS alternate data streams may be corrupted on a Windows Home Server computer has been addressed.
  • Windows Home Server Drive Extender may not update read-only attributes from the master shadow to the alternate shadow. Therefore, Microsoft Money backup files may not be successfully stored in Windows Home Server shared folders. This problem is resolved after you apply this update package.

And this is only 3 of the 7 updates that are in the update package, with other included updates either adding a new feature or curing a problem.

Well, good news the KB article has now been posted at Microsoft’s Knowledge Base and although entitled “An update for Windows Home Server lets you obtain a trusted certificate for your Windows Home Server computer during remote access configuration of your personalized domain”, (that was a mouthful) it does a lot more than just that one trusted certificate update. All the details are in the KB941914 article.

This November update package will be available from Windows Update for Windows Home Server from Tuesday 27th November (2007). And most issues that people have been experiencing with WHS will (hopefully) be a thing of the past. Personally I can’t wait!

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  1. Keith says:

    Woo hoo!

  2. Jochen says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t read anything that Vista x64 will be supported with the new update 🙁

  3. Hi Jochen,
    Vista x64 will be supported in WHS in January-March 2008 when Update Release 1 is available.

  4. Charlie M. says:

    This update installed last wednesday onto my HP mediasmart server. I got locked out of web access and the Home Server Console couldn’t reconnect (kept saying that I needed an update, which then failed. After spending 2 days on the phone with HP, I had to do a server recovery. This wiped out my c drive, which made me lose several websites that I was building there. I lost weeks of work.

    This update should be applied very carefully after you’ve fully backed up your 20GB ‘C’ drive to be safe.

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