New Tranquil Harmony Home Server Series PC Announced – T2-WHS-A2


Tranqual PC has released details of their newcomer to the Tranquil Harmony Home Server series, the T2-WHS-A2. Due to be released in the first week of November, it’s based on the silent T2e chassis comprises 2x internal drives, support for 6x USB HDD and optional support for an additional 4 or 8 eSATA drives. Ideal for those who require lots of data storage capacity.

Pricing/Options are to be as follows :

Base Unit      T2e chassis, 512MB RAM, 500GB (single HDD),
Gbe LAN, desk mount, Windows Home Server system.
6x USB2.0 HDD ports, (option to fit 2nd 3.5” internal HDD)
RAM  512MB to 1GB £12
HDD 500GB > 1TB (2x 500GBHDDs, leaving no spare slots)
500GB > 1TB (1x 1TB HDD, leaving 1x spare slot)    
500GB > 2TB (2x 1TB HDDs, leaving no spare slots) 
Mounting Desk style
Colour coded 19” rack mount kit
Colour coded Wall mount kit
Floor mount kit
eSATA Ports One 4 port eSATA PCI card on dual PCI riser
Two 4 port eSATA PCI cards on dual riser
Recovery Kit Tranquil / Paragon system recovery system £48

Order page and more information is available in a PDF product brief.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Excellent. However with the exchange rate being out of whack it would only make sense (a little) for those living in the US to buy the basic setup while on vacation in the UK and add extras over here. Well done Tranquil-UK, a very nice product.

  2. Hi Bob Crook,
    Yes, it’s a lovely bit of kit.

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