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LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

In the past we have posted information about Linux alternatives to Windows home Server including the Ubuntu Home Server Edition Project.

Today I have details of another Linux based product that claims to offer all the features of Windows Home Server. Its HipServ from Axentra Corporation based out of Canada. It has recently been released by LaCie on one of their NAS drives and sells for $199 USD which includes both the software platform pre-installed and a 500GB NAS drive. It allows you to do automated backups from Windows or Mac computers in your home – it is fully Mac compatible with OS 10.3 and 10.4, and they’re working on testing with Leopard now. It allows you to access content remotely through a browser, or from a mobile device (WM5, WM6, Blackberry and iPhone). They even include a DLNA compliant and Windows Media Connect media server on board, so you can access content from your Sony Playstation 3, xBox 360, Roku, and others. Axentra are also working on a VM version of the product which will run on a Windows based PC as well.

More details are available from the Axentra web site and from LaCie.

Many thanks to Antonio for the information.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    outch…that price is awesome. I’m curious what Windows Home Server team has to say about competing products like this. Its key in my opinion that consumer NAS vendors such as Buffalo Tech, DLink, NetGear get onboard with Windows Home Server…for Windows Home Server to succeed. Has anyone seen WHS in a retail store? And if so, where was it located in the store (network equipment, hard disk accessories or amongst computer display)?

  2. gadgetaddict says:

    So is Axentra going to release the source code under the GPL? Certainly any OS mods must be released, and if their apps use any open source code, then it too must be released.

  3. LacieUser says:

    HipServ Home Edition is not competible with Vista.
    The Vista backup is not working
    Also the login with vista give problems

  4. Network Engineer says:


    This is not a self contained unit. When you create an account on it, it actually goes out to their web site to create it, and store your login information on their servers. (Block traffic leaving your router, create an account on this POC and watch the error you will receive; “HomeLaCie.com could not be reached to create your account.”) This, in my opinion, is a major security flaw considering if their servers ever suffer from a DoS attack, let alone SQL injection hacks, your device can be rendered un-usable.

  5. Dear Network Engineer,

    Thank you for your interest in HipServ home servers. You’ll be pleased to learn that we at Axentra take security seriously.

    Regarding your “security warning”: Please be aware that as part of our standard programming practice, we guard against SQL injection attacks. Also, please be aware that HipServ home servers can function well after setup without any connection whatsoever to the Axentra central servers. Naturally, only the HipServ features that rely on the Axentra central servers would be susceptible in the case of a successful DOS attack on them (for example, features such as the Dynamic DNS service). This situation is typical and consistent with best practices security on the Internet today.

    We trust that with this information, you can see that your “security warning” about HipServ is unfounded. If you’d like more information about the security of HipServ, please feel free browse the HipServ Security FAQ (http://hipservforums.axentra.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9&p=22&sid=2cc8563c2dfa5fa3bc36182eef3957f1&sid=2cc8563c2dfa5fa3bc36182eef3957f1#p17) or contact us directly with any specific questions.

    The Axentra Team

    • noxy says:

      i deal in host and network security as well, and in my professional opinion, *any* contact back to a “home server” such as is described above warrants a security advisory, and makes this product unacceptable for my uses.

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