HP MediaSmart Server Available for Pre-Order

Good news for those of you that have been waiting for the HP MediaSmart Server. From the 27th November (2007), you shall be able to get hold of a copy. The 500GB EX470 will be available for $599.99 and the 1TB EX475 for $749.99. Amazon, Circuit City and the HP Store have it for pre-order right now in the US, with Amazon selling it for a lower price. UK pricing is to follow later today.

USA Pricing:

  EX470 EX475
Amazon 534.99 679.99
HP Store 599.99 749.99
Circuit City 599.99 749.99

Many thanks to Bob Crook, Bernardo Zamora and Alex from http://www.mediasmartserver.net for the links.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Warranties are troublesome to me and looks like warranty on product is one year. Warranty through Amazon doesn’t hold much water and Circuit City’s one only goes into effect after initial warranty expires and replaces the “Desktop” once only. Not too much info yet on HP’s site as to what warranty extras are available. Also doesn’t look like there is a manufacturer’s option to add extra memory on purchase. Will it really run well on 512mb RAM?

  2. Hi Bob Crook,
    No news on extended warranty’s as yet. Memory wise, 512MB will be fine as long as you are not using it to stream media, if so at least 1024MB would be needed.

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