Add-In: Duplication Info – See How Drive Extender Works

Yotsuba has developed a great add-in for Windows Home Server entitled Duplication Info, which enables you be see what hard drives your duplicated files reside on, enabling you to see how drive extender works.

Duplication Info  

Since the add-in does not have an installer, it is a bit harder to install, but we will show you how:

  1. Remote desktop into your Server machine.
  2. Launch the Windows Home Server Console on the server machine.
  3. Now close this open console
  4. Copy HomeServerConsoleTab.DuplicationInfo.dll to C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server on the server machine.

This has now added a Duplication Info tab along the header in the console. You can now log off of the server machine and use the add-in from any client machine with the connector software installed.

More info, the download and uninstall details are available.

UPDATE: The add-in has now been updated with an easier installation routine. See post above for details.

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  1. Robert says:


    I have a WHS and I have 2 drives using software RAID 1. The C and D partitions are therefore mirrored.

    I have noticed a DE folder with a copy of certain shares. I have no other drives to “Extend” to. Can I just remove those files or will removing them also remove the originals?



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