5 Windows Home Server Reviews

  1. First off, COMPUTERWORLD have a comprehensive 5 page Windows Home Server review by Preston Gralla who states:
    “For once, Microsoft hasn’t ‘dumbed down’ a software package“.
  2. Next, HelpWithWindows.com, who take us through the features of WHS in this 3 page review.
  3. Site Digital trends also have a great write up on why we should use Windows Home Server when natural disasters like the California fires can happen to any of us. WHS and off site backup solutions are discussed. The post also seems to be duplicated here on tgdaily as well.
  4. Gadget site Gizmodo have a great Windows Home Server review using the Norco DS-520.
  5. And finally Channel 10 show the un-boxing of the Tranquil PC T7-HSA.


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  1. Lars says:

    Really nice reviews of a fine system. I used a Linux server for some time, but it’s to difficult to configure. I’ll test WHS the next week. I think Microsoft did their Job better.

    Greetz from http://www.techdummie.de

  2. Hi Lars,
    Thanks for your comment. At least WHS is so much easier than Linux, thank goodness.

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