Windows Home Server fan club beats up ZDNet David Berlind


Controversial writer David Berlind from the ZDNet Berlind’s Testbed blog has posted a follow up to the article he wrote in September (2007), Will Windows Home Server be Microsoft’s next flop? He writes that since the article was published that he has received emails saying he was out of line for saying what he did.
Berlin responded that he was an idiot for unnecessarily making his original argument more complicated than it needed to be and that he regretted pointing out that Windows Home Server was complicated. Read more from the source and don’t forget to read the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Tablet PC User, who lead me to the article by Shawn Morton, with a follow up to this story at TechRepublic.

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  1. I stopped reading ZD publications when they got rid of TechTV years ago. They have long been a “Linux fanclub” and no matter what Microsoft or Apple does they find something to complain about. This guy never used the software and read “a press release” (note the singular) and went on to write his rant. One-sided journalism at it’s best.

  2. What makes it worse is that Berlind admitted that he NEVER used WHS! As the next comment states, Berlind took a Peter Gutmann approach to get page views it seems!


  3. Hi Robert Stinnett,
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Tablet PC User,
    Thanks for your comment and that link.

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