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I done a podcast today for the PerfectDisk Blog, which is a blog run by the people behind the defrag tool PerfectDisk 8 and is about everything you need to know about defragmentation. In the podcast I explain who I am, I go through some of the details of Windows Home Server and end with some info about our site here. The podcast is less than 10 minutes in length so it should not bore you too much.Eye-rolling

Read the PerfectDisk Blog entry with a link to the podcast.

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  1. TheJudge says:

    Nice interview there, Philip! You’re famous now…LOL.

    I have to agree with your suggestions for WHS: OS Image File Backup, Media Center Integration and Windows Update Management. Those would be welcome updates in my book 😉

  2. Hi TheJudge,
    Yes, I’d love integration with my Vista MCE machine down stairs and an OS Image File Backup facility (similar to Acronis True Image) for the sys (C:) partition, would be an added bonus too.

  3. Now I can say I know two famous people, Leo Laporte and you! 🙂 I agree 100% on the fact that future releases have to address how to backup the SYS partition. The idea of an in-home WSUS solution is also high on my “wish list” as well. It is such a pain to keep all the PC’s in this house updated — especially when you have a 17 year old downloading everything under the sun!

  4. Hi Robert Stinnett,Yes, a Windows Update Management feature similar to WSUS would be good. It would save me going around to all 4 PCs in our house and updating them manually, since I don’t use Auto Updates since there are some updates which I won’t install untill some bugs are ironed out.

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