News from the WHS Launch Event

I’ v now had the time to review the content from yesterday’s Windows Home Server Virtual Launch Event and I must say there were some interesting findings.

– A list of partners for WHS was displayed and Microsoft’s spokesperson added that the OEM Partner Center will become a place where you can go and be connected with these companies enabling you to see what they are doing for Windows Home Server and to allow you to get in touch with them.


– We were able to have a first time look at Intel’s Entry Storage System the SS4200-E which should be available between now and Christmas. And a very nice beauty she is too.


Intel has no information on the storage section of their site yet regarding this particular model.

– It was also announced that eventually Windows Home Server would be moved to the Server 2008 kernel instead of it’s current 2003 offering. Which just proves how serious the future of WHS is being taken.

– One of the slides from the presentation which made me ponder for thought was the following:


Looking at the possibilities made me think wow! I could connect my home security equipment including CCTV using  the appropriate add-in to my Home Server. A centrally integrated task list, phone book and integration with other Internet services. The list is endless – Long live Windows Home Server.

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  1. Ivan Y. says:

    The Intel storage appliance, depending on its size and power-consumption, looks very appealing. I was thinking of getting the HP unit but this could be a smarter buy if they price it correctly.

  2. Hi Ivan Y,
    I agree a lovely looking unit, all we are waiting for is the price.

  3. Terrence says:

    It costs $500 bucks or so. The only problem is it is powered by a 400mhz processor. I thought the minimum speed was 900mhz? This is the SS4000-E unit that looks nothing like the pictures in your post. I can’t find anything on the intel site refering to a SS4200-E


  4. Ivan Y. says:


    You are referring to a different model. I couldn’t find anything on Intel’s site about 4200-E either, but from the slide it appears to be differently spec’d then 4000-E. In particular, the processor is 1.6GHz (Celeron 420) on 4200.

  5. Hi Terrence,
    Thanks for your post. The SS4000-E model you mention is no good for WHS, as the specs do not meet the mininum requirements.

  6. Hi Ivan Y,
    Thanks for your post. No more info from Intel as yet, but the SS4200-E looks mighty nice and nicely powered too.

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