More Info – Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-E

We first announced Intel’s entry into the Windows Home Server market here with their Entry Storage System the SS4200-E. Also known as the Home Server Concept we have the specs and accompanying pics for you to enjoy.

Powered by a 64-Bit low voltage passive cooled  Intel Celeron 420 1.6 GHz processor, the unit is housed on a Intel 945GZ/ICH7R chipset mainboard with integrated graphics.

Intel_ 2   Intel_Inside

The board provides four internal SATA connectors and one IDE connector with room for up to four drives to be housed together.


Two external eSATA devices can be connected thanks to the integrated Silicone Image 3132 controller. An Intel 82573 Gigabit Ethernet controller provides the network interface and up to 2GB of memory can be added to the single DDR2 DIMM slot.

 Intel_ 3

The front panel has the usual power switch as well as an LED block which gives information on the current status, network activity, non removable disk activity or can warn the user over the loss of a non removable disk. Also included is a recovery button.

Intel_ 10   Intel_ 9

Four USB2.0 sockets are provided, two on the front and two at the rear alongside the two variable speed 70mm exhaust fans. The PSU offers an output of 180W and has a single 40mm exhaust fan.

Intel_Back   Intel_Bays 

It can be mounted vertically, horizontally, on the wall or under a desk.

Intel_ 8

Thanks to the German Homeserver Blog for the link to the pictures @ Computer Base.

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  1. Ivan Y. says:

    Thanks! Now all we need to know is the price.

  2. Christoph says:

    That server looks exactly like the Fujitsu Siemens one.

  3. Hi Ivan Y and Christoph,
    The price should be announced shortly and yes, it does look like the Fujitsu Siemens unit.

  4. ben says:

    FYI, the Intel SS4200 _is_ the Fujitsu Siemens unit – it’s made by Intel.

  5. Hi ben,
    Thanks for the info. I wonder if Intel will let other company’s release hardware using this design?

  6. John says:

    Will this be available soon? This post is old and I still can’t find where I can buy one.
    Also, anyone have any details on the EMC software load out intel is offering as the -E option?

  7. Hi John,
    More info on this unit is available in this post. As for the EMC software, no more information is available at present.

  8. JD says:

    Price appears to start at 500 US. Not sure what you get for that price … meaning how much base storage will be included. With four SATA drives internal – and the option for external connections via eSATA and USB – it should be an interesting product.

  9. Hi JD,
    Yes, I can’t wait for this to be released. More info thats related to this product can be found here: Intel Announces SS2400 Release Date.

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